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Cocaine Valium addicted ex wants access

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Happy543 Sat 03-Aug-19 18:50:04

Hi I’m looking for some advise regarding drug addiction

The day I gave birth to my baby my bf went missing for days. Cut s long story short he was out for days taking cocaine and Valium. He was having psychosis and imagining wild things which was terrifying. I had just had a csevtion and had a 5 year old also. I had to move out of our home with them both becAuse it was so bad. Anyway he ended up having a bad fall due to the psychosis and we had to pay private for rehab. He went for a month things seemed fine. I eased contact back on with the kids and myself everything was great we started being together more and then I found a tablet on the floor. Contact was stopped and he started taking drug tests. He told his mum I witnessed these and told me his mum did so to be fair we don’t actually know if they were passed but I have only recently found this out. After that he replaces s again and there has been a million more times I’ve tried to help and he’s done it again or I’ve found them in pockets. Then he got clean for months started again to build the trust up when I let him take the older child out to the shop, I haven’t let him have any unsupervised contact but when he came back he was very weird and I caught him trying to hide a big bag of tablets upstairs. He had took my child to pick them up. Confronted him and he wrecked the house in front of the kids. Went on a bender for a week was in the street hallucinating, the neighbours called me. I don’t like with him anymore. So now he wants contact and because I am now standing my ground and saying no he wants to go to court. He also googled how to fake a drugs test and I caught him taking one in warm water. What will happen at court I am terrified a judge believes his lies. He has no family left no one because of the way he is now but he hides it from everyone else and puts on a big show. He has also sent me many many nasty messages calling me and the kids all sorts he has threw out things out the room windows he has threatened to blow him house up there is so much he is a horrible person. This has went on a gets now and I have always tried to help him but it’s came to a point he is now putting the kids in danger so I am not willing to let them near him.

So sorry for the long post X

Happy543 Sat 03-Aug-19 18:57:18

Sorry can I add he has got into 50000 of debt aswel over the last 5 years with gambling and me and family had to pay off around 10000 a year ago because he. Rashes two cars on the stuff and had drug bills

Jaxhog Sat 03-Aug-19 18:58:58

Run, far, far away.

Dawninglory Sat 03-Aug-19 19:06:35

Keep all the messages, no court would grant him access.
Sounds like George Kay, and you don't want that in your life Op.

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