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Kissing someone after they have taken drugs

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SMellisa Mon 29-Jul-19 16:54:22

I understand Drugs is a really sore subject, and I 100% do not condone them at all. I have never been in this position before but wanted to get opinions.

I have searched on the internet but not getting any definitive answers, also no opinions from anyone else is available.
The man in question who I kissed, I know takes cocaine on the off occasion, when I say off occasion- from what I know apparently he takes it ‘very rarely’ most times when he’s out and he wants to ‘last the night’ I know sounds awful. From what he’s told me he ‘sniffs it’ only, so no contact with Gums or Teeth directly…

When we kissed, there were tongues/ it was a full on snog (whatever you want to call it). I definitely got saliva… (sorry!).

I don’t know if this is relevant but before we kissed, he was licking the inside of his mouth which is one of the sure signs of someone who has just taken Cocaine?

Basically, the next morning, I woke up with one of the biggest handovers of my life… even though all I had to drink was 3 Strongbow ciders? I do have a high alcohol tolerance so I knew I would be fine on these. We were at the pub so maybe they are stronger measures, I don’t know? I literally couldn’t lift my head off the pillow/ was sick countless times and felt awful for the next day.  

I have never taken the drug before so clearly, it’s not something my body could have handled.  

I am wondering if it was possible to contract traces of the Cocaine from him when we kissed? Has anyone ever heard of this before?

Appreciate any responses…. X

SMellisa Mon 29-Jul-19 16:56:30

Sorry for typos ... when I say 'Handover' I mean 'Hangover' confusedhmm

gearandloathing Fri 09-Aug-19 17:54:32

I really don't think you would have got any effect from kissing someone who occasionally snorts coke. Seriously, it doesn't work like that and it's really not that strong. And a coke comedown is not really like an alcohol hangover in any case.

3 strongbow ciders is a lot, i would expect a bad hangover from that.

user764329056 Sat 24-Aug-19 00:22:57

Very unlikely to be the coke

TigerDroveAgain Sat 24-Aug-19 00:24:41


Trees2905 Sat 24-Aug-19 00:25:27

It’s not the coke.

Herefortheduration Sat 24-Aug-19 00:27:25

Definitely not the Coke. I'd look at what else it could be, try another 3 strongbows this weekend, lol

Mamaty Sat 24-Aug-19 00:29:16

Maybe he uses drugs but also spiked your drink ?

Sorry to be so negative

RavenLG Sat 24-Aug-19 00:35:00

3 strongbows isn’t a lot of alcohol but it’s jam packed with sulphates which give me stinking headaches, could be that?

LemonPrism Sat 24-Aug-19 00:37:03

Coke doesn't give you a hangover

LemonPrism Sat 24-Aug-19 00:37:45

Especially not the traces you would get from kissing

Aaarrgghhh Sat 24-Aug-19 00:53:55

I’m with others, I don’t think you have any effects from a drug he may have snorted. I can’t say why you have a hangover if normally you wouldn’t.

AMAM8916 Wed 11-Sep-19 22:28:16

It is quite likely that you would have gotten particles of the cocaine in your system by kissing him.

If he snorted it, some of it would have gotten stuck in his nose then dropped down into his mouth then into yours when you kissed him.

If he rubbed his gums with it, again, particles would have been left over and gotten into your mouth.

However, swallowing cocaine doesn't give much effects. Once it hit your kidneys, it would have made them work a little harder and this may be why you felt ill but it wouldn't quite be enough to make you high or have a proper come down.

I'm a big wimp and have never touched drugs so this would scare me!

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