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i dont know where to turn

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mynameiswhat3 Wed 12-Jun-19 20:26:28

I have NC.
I have no idea where to turn. I am massively addicted to codeine.I feel ashamed, i can't talk to anyone in RL. I wish i could though! I dont know what i am expecting from writing this but just some support/advice/help. I tried to come off it a few days ago and got massive withdrawals from going cold turkey so panicked and i am now unfortunately back on it. If you have read this so far.. thank you.. and if you have any advice thank you so much. I dont want to hide away behind this anymore!

sam235corner Thu 13-Jun-19 10:16:15

First thing to do is see your GP, they may suggest a taper for you. Depending on your addiction you may be advised to make an appointment at a drug addiction centre.
What codeine have you been taking? Is it mixed with another drug i.e. ibuprofen?
Please don't feel ashamed, there is help and support out there. You've made an important step in acknowledging you are addicted and need help.

Izzy24 Mon 17-Jun-19 16:06:14

Don’t feel ashamed.

Addiction is an illness.

You’ve taken an important step by posting here.

Go to your GP as soon as you can. There is help for you.

Please don’t feel ashamed.

talia66 Mon 17-Jun-19 23:48:06

You are not alone. I was addicted to codeine for 15 years. In the end I was taking it not because it helped me but because the symptoms of not taking it were horrendous. I used to stress and worry - which of course didn't help and only aided me taking more and more. Please don't feel alone. I understand what you are going through and your journey. I understand the helpless feeling and the worry about your health I bet you feel.

I managed to come off them after going to a day workshop with the speakman's (they are a couple of psychologists that are on 'This morning' a lot).
I actually went to the workshop to get over my fear of flying. I was in total denial about my addiction to be honest. Some of the things they said really hit home and they spoke about painkiller addiction. It is more common than you think. The trick was that usually this sort of addiction stems from something else. So I had a good look at why I was taking them. Codeine is something we often take to make us feel good. Are you taking it to help you cope? You need to look at your life and what it is that you are actually feeling and why you are masking it with codeine. This is where I agree seeing a doctor is a good route. maybe you are having anxiety or depression and using codeine to help with that - but actually alternative methods will help you.

Once I started tackling what the root was I realised I had a few unhealthy vices (codeine being the worse) I have really made steps to deal with the things that were effecting me and through doing this I managed to come off the codeine. I did it very gradually - I liked the dissolvable tablets and was on 10 - 12 a day. I started cutting it out a quarter of a tablet at a time over a couple of months.
I realised I had major social anxiety and was using the tablets to cope - so I started using other things - healthy coping mechanisms to help. I start CBT and meditation. This has helped me stay off of the tablets.

Sorry if this is rambling - It is so hard to put into words. If you need support by all means please reach out. You are not alone this problem is more common that you think.

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