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Opioid addiction

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Shopkinsdoll Sun 05-May-19 15:53:51

I just need to look down this page to see that I’m not the only one with an opioid addiction. Firstly about 6 years ago the doctor put me on tramadol for back ache. Well over 6 years I have been heavily addicted to tramadol, lying, stealing from my sister on the odd occasion. I managed with the help of my doctor to come off it. He didn’t know how bad my addiction was, I said tramadol wasn’t helping with my pain so he warned me off. It was very hard but got there. Now another doctor has prescribed co codaomol 30/500 and feel like I’m going down the same route. I don’t feel as addicted to it as the tramadol. Now I have tooth ache and taking more. I even bought some online. I also suffer from nerves and don’t feel as anxious when I take them.

Southwestten Sun 05-May-19 17:46:00

Op you have my sympathy.
Tramadol is an insidious drug which is extremely addictive. Apparently it was developed as a ‘non addictive opiate’ which is an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Is there an NA (narcotics anonymous) meeting anywhere near you as they will offer help and support and you will find others there in the same situation as you.

TheQueef Sun 05-May-19 17:54:06

You aren't alone.
I was addicted to remediene (paracetamol 500 dihydrocodeine 30) for at least ten years.
I did cold turkey, a full on heroin rattle, but managed to quit.
I have to take pain meds now and avoid opoids as much as possible it's left me scared.

Sunsetdays Tue 18-Jun-19 17:09:56

I think some people (like me) have addictive personalities. I think given your difficulties with tramadol you should never have been prescribed co codomol. But you got off tramadol so you can get off these. Addictions only get worst. Can you start tapering? I’ve been off tramadol about 6 weeks now and it’s still tough after 7 years of addiction but you can beat this. You’ve proved it before. Good luck it’s tough. But you are tougher x

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