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I love my wine

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candlesrme Sun 06-Jan-19 23:21:33

Hi all , me & the hubby drink wine 5 nights out of 7 . I enjoy drinking whilst I'm cooking dinner , we have an open kitchen/ family room so we will easily a bottle whilst I cook dinner , the 2nd bottle goes whilst we're eating 😱
Soooooo, I'm now feeling sluggish every morning , I'm bloated & my skin is blotchy & dry ☹️ I enjoy my wine so I don't want to give up but please advise how to cut down 👍

LSWLondon Thu 10-Jan-19 18:55:15

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LSWLondon Thu 10-Jan-19 18:56:21

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SongforSal Thu 10-Jan-19 19:19:32

Op, I was a bit the same. Both DP and I work FT. I have (or had) got into the habit of coming home, cleaning, doing lunchboxes for the next day, washing etc and all the other donkey work. I'd find myself opening a bottle whilst I cook. I get up at 6am for work so it's a long day.
For example, I drank a bottle last Friday night, and am consciously trying not to drink in the week as it has become a sociable habit with Dp.
Last night I read my book after dinner, the night before I went down a rabbit hole on the Internet [😁
Tonight I am sharing a bottle, but have consciously decided not to have any tomorrow night or over the weekend. Including tonight, that is only 2 glasses since last friday, which is a lot better than my usual lush ways.
Just start cutting down a bit OP, over the last few weeks my clothes have got a bit loser, that's opened my eyes a bit!

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