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Does rehab work for the long term addict?

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thisisnothow Fri 28-Dec-18 19:56:07

Dsis has been a drug addict for approx 20 years, very seriously for a good 10. Her main drug is crack but she has done everything including heroin. She did rehab last year for 5 months but relapsed as soon as she came out. She has just gone into a different rehab centre and seems to have settled really well. She is supposed to be there for 3 months. We are desperately hoping this is the breakthrough she needs but can't help but be sceptical. Is it possible to reform after all this time and after being such a serious addict?

dapplegrey Sat 29-Dec-18 20:54:52

Yes it’s possible - provided she wants to stay clean and sober.

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