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Advice please

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Scaredbutdetermined Sat 08-Dec-18 00:36:36

Tonight I’ve finally come to my senses. After 3 years living with an alcoholic I’ve realised I can’t help him. He has no intention to change. He doesn’t care about anything other than himself.
I tipped his cider down the sink. He fought me for it. Told him to choose. He started hurling abuse about me not caring, do nothing for him, etc.
He’s now passed out in bed.
I do love him but I can’t watch this anymore.
I guess I’m looking for help. How do I get him to leave? What will happen to him? Everyone else has already abandoned him. I haven’t told my family about his problem so have no one to talk to

Rosalise Sat 08-Dec-18 14:23:52

You might be better to ask this in Relationships as more people will see it there.

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