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Need advice re dp slip/relapse please

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wonderwoo Sat 01-Dec-18 11:59:08

My dp is a recovering alcoholic/addict and he has been abstinate many years. He suffers with anxiety and depression and about a year ago went on antidepressants.

A few weeks ago he deliberately took too many (a LOT too many) for four days. He is very clear that he wasnt trying to harm himself but was looking for a high. He was honest after that and stopped, went back to his normal dose. I was shocked he did it, and am angry/upset that he did it whilst caring for our ds alone one of the days. I dread to think what cpuld have happened and its a sign of how out of control he was

But I am worried. This hasnt just happened out of nothing. To me, this is a sign that things in his life need to change, and he needs to put more into his recovery. He agreed with this, and gave me all the promises about what he was going to do to make changes i.e. more meetings, start 12 steps again, meet with sponsor, self care and exercise.

But so far all he has done is one extra meeting and met with his sponsor once and it's been three weeks now. I feel like he is minimising what happened and i am scared it will happen again.

He is very clear with me that it wasnt a relapse because he didnt go out seeking illegal drugs or pick up alcohol. Apparently its different because it was prescription drugs prescribed for him.

I feel very alone with this. No one to talk to. I want to believe everything is going to be OK but its knocked my trust in him and the fact that he doesnt seem to have really made any changes worries me greatly. (To be fair, he is actually making a real effort at home with me and the kids, but this will not keep him well, will it).

Not sure what I am after here really. Does anyone have any experience/advice they can offer? Thank you .

wonderwoo Sun 02-Dec-18 09:13:41

Hopeful bump...

Onacleardayyoucansee Wed 23-Jan-19 21:04:48

If he is not using medication as prescribed/using it to change how he feels, its a relapse.

Not a good sign that he hasnt stepped up.

If nothing chsnges, nothing changes right?

Can you phone al anon, get some support for you.
Start attending meetings?

Ask him what he is preoared to do for 1)his recovery, and 2) the relationship.
Make an action plan.
If he doesnt action it... What actions will you take (and stick to)

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