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Another morning, another hangover

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ImperfectTents Sat 27-Oct-18 07:44:47

There is a lot of online support ou there. Have you read 'the unexpected joy of being sober?'
I quit in March and i don't regret it. I love waking up without that feeling of guilt and shame and of course hangover. Stick with it. My original aim was 90 days. That give you enough time to get out of the habits and feel the benefits

Gonnabedry Fri 26-Oct-18 21:02:39

Day 4 of not drinking. My mood is so much better and sleeping better. Would still love to be having my Friday night wine though 😔. I don’t know why I still want a drink when I know how it’ll make me feel.

Beautifulpretty Tue 23-Oct-18 08:29:30

Do you have 2-3 consecutive nights without alcohol? Wine is so lovely and soothing in the evenings. I wish there was an alternative that wasn’t detrimental to our health. My cousin in Canada ( who is middle aged and doesn’t drink) vapes marijuana every evening to help her relax and sleep

Gonnabedry Tue 23-Oct-18 08:23:55

I’m sick of waking up and feeling like crap. Every time I swear I’m going to stop drinking but it never happens so I’m writing this so I have something to look at when I want to drink.

I hate that it makes me fat. It makes me anxious and depressed. It makes my ibs worse. It’s effecting my job. My kids are getting old enough to notice somethings not right. I’m grumpy with them in the morning and silly and happy in the evening, they’re going to think its normal to always have a glass of wine in your hand.

I want to stop. I want to feel better. I want to be the mum my kids deserve.

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