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Going sober

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ThaiRedCurry Thu 18-Oct-18 11:45:02

I'm currently laid in bed with a come down and hangover. I'm a mum of 2 (kids are at nursery and stayed at grandparents last night) and I have a terrible relationship with alcohol. I also took coke last night - just a few lines but I took it.
I want to get a better relationship with alcohol where I don't drink mid week and where I only have one of two drinks rather than getting shit faced every time.!
I don't know where to start and my anxiety right now is crippling

MemoryOfSleep Thu 18-Oct-18 18:22:28

I think you have realised that you have a problem. That's good. But the problem means that you can't have one or task drinks because you'll never stop there. You need to go totally sober, I'm afraid. I'd start by finding a narcotics anonymous group near you and going along. Some groups even have creche facilities. It's a tough road but you're making the first step. Be proud of yourself for that. x

Elmer123 Tue 20-Nov-18 19:44:29

Depending on your area you live in, you may have smart groups in your area? I found these more helpful than AA meetings.
I'm not sure how often you drink, but bare in mind if you drink daily you can build up a physical dependency on alcohol and this is very dangerous to then stop suddenly, possibly life threatening.
You can also go to your GP for some help, explain your problems and get some help. If you have a bad relationship with alcohol then it may be worth stopping all together?
Sounds scary but your always stronger than you think, and there's lots of support out there. I'm a mum and clean from drugs and alcohol for almost 3 years... happy to chat more if it helps.

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