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How do I help my son with cocaine and depression

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Candyflossy66 Tue 11-Sep-18 20:39:16

Hey guys I need help please bear with me as this is complicated. For the last year or so my son who is 30 has been taking cocaine. He now has a 3 month old baby boy who was born 9 weeks early. He has gone off a few times in the last year for a few days at a time getting high he always comes back sorry saying he won’t do it agin but does. He has stolen from his gf and taken out loans in her name to feed his habit. But last week he took her car went to drug dealers stole drugs from them and their ‘work phone’ which he threw out of the car window when he realised he had it. Then he broke into my flat whilst I was away looking after my poorly mum and took an overdose to kill himself as he knows he’s wrong but couldn’t see a way out. Luckily through various people we realised he was at my flat and my daughter went round and got the police to break in to save him. He was arrested and charged with criminal damage but when he was released the following day said he was going to kill himself so the police sectioned him. He went to a secure unit Sunday who admitted him but now want to kick him out as they think he is just hiding from the drug dealers and not sick at all. He is badly depressed and taking the drugs to cope but typical bloke won’t face what’s up and talk about it. He now wants help but no one wants to help him they are just going to let him go despite the fact he has nowhere to go his gf won’t and can’t take him in neither can I ( my landlord won’t let him here and I care for my granddaughters whilst my daughter works) it’s also not safe for him to come to us but he has no one else. Please has anyone been through this who can give me some help on what I can do to help him as he is still my son and I love him he just wants help but cannot get it.

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