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Technology addiction?

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Jwinter Mon 04-Jun-18 15:18:44

Ive been sent this by a friend and am now worried my child is on their way to be addicted to the tablet. the WIFI thing looks concerning aswell. I always thought it was bad than my tablet picks up around 25 different WIFI signals in my development.

what does everyone else think?

peonysandhotcrossbuns Sun 16-Sep-18 09:09:28

I think that as a parent, you can control how much time they are on their tablet. (Say 30 minutes a day)
Are you an enabler because in some ways it works for you to be with an a child who is addicted to screens (no judgement by the way, we're all the same!)
It's not so much about the thing you're addicted to but the reason you're 'using'.

cervy Sun 16-Sep-18 09:16:19

Wasn't obvious from a quick look what the wifi thing is but assume it's a health concern for the radiation passing through you? There's a lot of radiation around, people aren't melting.

As for tablet addicition, if you think it's a problem then talk to your child about it/take it away. If someone else suggets it's a problem, tell them where to go. Always get idiots who think children shouldn't use tablets at all, presumably because they didn't have them, don't understand them and think the world should be stuck in their childhood.

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