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I've quit smoking and gambling this month and it's going well

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LessOfaMess Mon 28-May-18 22:19:56

I've name changed for this. No one... no one knows how bad I am.
I've been battling alcohol, cigarette and gambling addictions for quite a while. Usually only two at once. Never only one.
I quit smoking three weeks ago and it's going so well. I'm not even missing it - ok I've substituted with a vape but better than cigs right!
And I've now blanket banned myself from all gambling sites with gamstop for five years.
My gambling wasn't too problematic to be fair. Only the odd tenner here and there. But it was a crutch and it made me feel worse more than it made me feel good. I'm glad it's done.

Drinking wise... I'm not too bad but definitely use wine as a coping mechanism. I want to stop but I'm frightened of quitting too much at once and then having a bad day and starting everything again,
You know like when you go on a crash diet for three weeks, lose 10lb and then have a shit day and eat a whole multipack of kit kats and a family sharing bag of crisps... or is that just me?!

Anyway. There's no point to this post. Other than saying I was a lot more of a mess a month ago than I feel now, hopefully in a months time I'll feel less of a mess too.

lovemyboys25 Sat 09-Jun-18 07:44:17

That's really great, keep going!

seven201 Sat 09-Jun-18 09:03:49

Well done!

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