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Heavy smoker 4 weeks pg just found out please help?

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Anon1204 Mon 30-Apr-18 16:37:26

Hi guys, so I'm gonna get straight to the point. I found out on Friday that I am 4 weeks pregnant (tomorrow, currently 3w6d). I used to smoke heavily. I say used to because I stopped the minute I found out. It has been awful, the insomnia, the stress etc but I don't care because my baby comes first now. I also was taking a prescription medication called Zopiclone (7.5mg) and one night, I think it was the Thursday night, I actually took 2 of these tablets, instead of 1. Woke up the following morning feeling groggy, etc. Now my main and only concern at this point is that I may have done damage to my baby and I am just beside myself with worry and panic. Me and my partner were definitely TTC but we had no idea that it would happen this quickly. I should have quit before we started TTC, I know, and I am wracked with guilt and rage towards myself for not being more responsible in terms of preparing for the possibility of pregnancy in the first month but, we just didn't think we would get that lucky. Well we have. We have literally been blessed. I just feel like my behaviour prior to finding out was not that of a responsible mum-to-be and I just feel sick with guilt. Please can anyone shed some light on what I should expect in terms of any issues with my little one? All advice would be appreciated. Thank you x

tellitlikeitispls Mon 30-Apr-18 16:41:29

Firstly: Congratulations to you!
Secondly: Calm down. Seriously. You've gone into panic mode and there is absolutely no need. You have stopped smoking, and there is no evidence Zopiclone will cause any issues in pregnancy (I just googled it)
Go and see your GP and let them reassure you and advise.

Anon1204 Mon 30-Apr-18 16:46:11

Hi, thank you for your reply. I know, I am literally driving myself mad, I have tears in my eyes as I type this because I'm actually so worried. But you're right, stress could cause just as much damage as the smoking/prescription medication may have so, I need to chill. I will certainly seek further advice from my GP, just impossible getting an appointment! Thanks again

KTD27 Mon 30-Apr-18 16:48:46

Don’t worry!! Baby isn’t attached to you exactly yet - I might be wrong here but am pretty sure it’s esrly enough not to be a massive problem as I know I’ve read similar threads when people have got really drunk and then realised they were pregnant soon afterwards. Deep breaths and congrats!!

Anon1204 Mon 30-Apr-18 17:05:54

Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I've seen so many threads similar to my own but for some reason, my anxiety is just piquing in terms of questioning whether or not everyone else was just lucky and that I should expect the worst, just stupid thoughts like that. I hope you're right about the little one still being in the yolk sac as opposed to being attached to me and feeding from the placenta but, I guess I won't know for sure until 12 weeks 😞 thank you again for your help!

tellitlikeitispls Mon 30-Apr-18 17:06:36

Honestly, I know you can't help stressing, but there are so many women who are smoking/getting shi*tface/taking meds whilst pregnant, and most don't know they are pregnant as early as you. Well done for giving up the cigs. I did too when I found out at about 7 weeks, and I have a strapping 11 year old who was born at full term. I didn't know I was pregnant with DS2 until I was 13 weeks and I'd been out boozing several times. Again, he was and is fine.

Anon1204 Mon 30-Apr-18 17:11:47

You have no idea how much this helps me, thank you for sharing this with me. Lovely to hear that both your little ones came out just fine and are healthy, happy children. I genuinely hope I'm that lucky too. Deep down I know you're right in that plenty of women before me have done much worse or smoked much heavier, etc and found out much later than me. You're right. I need to get a grip. Maybe will drive myself crazy with a little more research but ultimately I need to relax because I don't want to harm the baby from the stress either, both just as bad, you know what I mean? Thanks again, much appreciated

MissWimpyDimple Mon 30-Apr-18 17:15:17

The midwife said to me that you can't change what you've already done (before you know) and to forget about it.

You are probably stressed and freaking out because you've just found out you are PG AND you've quit smoking cold turkey. Both big events!

Congratulations and stop beating yourself up!

Anon1204 Mon 30-Apr-18 17:33:54

Thank you ☺️ I'm very excited just very worried too, not a good combo! Yeah that's what I just keep trying to tell myself. That I've just quit smoking on top of all of this too. The sweats at night and stuff are horrendous and really embarrassing but my partner says he doesn't care and that he's just so proud that I've stopped cold turkey. Really trying to use that as my strength right now so I appreciate you mentioning this too, it means a lot, thank you x

Hohofortherobbers Tue 01-May-18 21:27:55

Well done on quitting! You have done yourself and your baby the biggest favour.

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