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Christmas 2017 with abusive Inlaws

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kalkausar Sun 12-Nov-17 23:50:26

My dilemma is that now I have teenage children, can I justify not seeing my In-Laws even for a tiny bit Bec I’ve spent 18/20 years spending it with them and them ignoring their grandchildren and also going out of their way to hug and kiss their other grandchildren and give presents. I’m tired of the abuse and that it’s damaged my children to have to accept this but DH keeps saying to rise above it but I think Fuck off and go by yourself then but don’t dare make the children go. Either way it will spoil our precious day. In-Laws don’t even like Christmas and never celebrated it but insist we come so I can’t be with my family who always celebrated it

olympicsrock Sun 12-Nov-17 23:53:10

Go to your family. Why on earth should you put up with this and why must you always go to the in laws? Why is your DH not allowing you to share?

Gemini69 Sun 12-Nov-17 23:56:15

I'd rather stick hot pins in my eyes than endure this crap at Christmas OP... flowers

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