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Shopkinsdoll Tue 25-Apr-17 14:06:58

I started taking tramadol due to neck pain about three years ago. I finding myself relying on them to much. My body craves for them all the time. I try to come of them but the withdrawal is unbelievably hard. I ran out on sat and wasn't getting my prescription till this morning. My God I have been in a mess all yesterday and last night, chills, restless legs. I cried this morning getting the kids ready for school. All I could think about was driving down to the clinic to get my prescription. I feel fine now but I can't live like this any longer. I have been so desperate in the past I have stollen some of my sisters tramadol. I have a problem. I would be happy to stop taking them just now but the withdrawal is totally awful and I cannot cope with it.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 25-Apr-17 14:09:21

Go see the doctors and see if they can give you something else, but a bit lower and just keep decreasing.

Tramadol is dangerous

Thingywhatsit Tue 25-Apr-17 14:14:43

This is why tramadol got changed and became a controlled drug. It really is addictive and unfortunately some Drs would hand it out rather easily at one time. do not feel bad about that, it's not your fault.

Make a GP appointment and discuss it with them, do not just stop taking it cold turkey - that is dangerous. You will need to drop the dose gradually, and if you still have neck pain then you will need another painkiller too.

YoJesse Wed 26-Apr-17 11:52:56

Tramadols a mad drug. It's not like codeine it makes people crazy especially if you drink heavily on it.

Talk to your gp and don't try and go cold turkey because it's hell. They'll give you something to help. Don't feel ashamed. Prescription drug addiction is so common.

RyanSarah2010 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:37:59

Thanks for your replys. I am feeling a lot better since yesterday morning, I never want to go through that again. I was taking about 8 per day. I'm going to try my hardest to get them down. Today I have taken 4 so will take 2 this evening, that will get me down to 6 per day for a few weeks. I have a docs appointment next week.

DancingLedge Wed 26-Apr-17 14:45:34

Well done you. Tough gig, and you're still going in the right direction.

You can do this . Keep sharing/venting and seeking support, here and IRL.

YoJesse Wed 26-Apr-17 15:14:30

That's great. Keep posting on here even if things slip. You can find great support on mn.

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