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alcoholic to low alcohol

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roxygirl Fri 14-Apr-17 18:08:19

My ex has been sober for 5 months and this is great and really really impressive. He just stopped with no professional support. Initially he began replacing alcohol with soft fruit juice or coffee. More recently he moved onto alcohol free wine and beer but now has begun drinking low alcohol beer. I appreciate this has 0.5%, and is obviously much better than previously, this is not a judgement, just wondered if this was worrying and advisable as he has started drinking them early in the day and up to 8+, i.e. similar behaviour to before on the alcohol. I don't understand the process so any thoughts or experiences would be really helpful thanks.

Linds53 Fri 14-Apr-17 18:48:31

He's no longer sober. That's it really. He needs professional support because what he's doing isn't working and he will be back on the stronger stuff shortly. He's kidding himself that it's okay, but of course it isn't.

roxygirl Fri 14-Apr-17 20:24:00

hmmm thanks, that's what I was concerned about.

MissBax Sat 13-May-17 09:16:59

I think the slippery slope was when he started buying alcohol free wine. Going cold turkey really requires users to not replace with faux alcohol as it just gives them the taste for it. Tell him how proud you were of him when he stopped and want to support him to do the same again! X

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