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Coke addiction leads to second divorce?

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JamieWilliam Wed 12-Apr-17 00:11:21

Recently my DH and I got remarried & everything was going great until he developed an addiction to cocaine...

Im getting a bit fed up. At first, it was wine. All he ever drank was wine. He had an excessive amount of it in his house and I often found myself telling him "Dear, think of our children! Perhaps drinking yourself into a coma isn't the best thing to do!" (We have two very lovely twin boys, they deserve better than this!)

Now I find myself saying "Dear, think of our children, and stop snorting coke!"
AFAIK he doesn't do it at home or around our children ATM, which makes the situation a bit better, but it doesn't change the fact that he's addicted...
No matter what I suggest, he refuses to get help or listen to what I have to say, and this has turned in to a huge argument. He insists he's fine and there's nothing wrong!! (thankfully my BIL has agreed to have the boys over at his house to keep them away from the situation)

I think this calls for a second divorce

AIBU, thinking about leaving him again?

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