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Probation/Social Services

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Lulu3108 Thu 06-Apr-17 00:31:31

Unsure if correct board.

OH was arrested last week for having Coke on him. He tested positive and was referred to a drug addaction centre which he had to attention as bail conditions.

The worker asked him tons of questions and even did a child protection assessment. Said it wasnt required because he's down living with my MIL and she has young kids there with no problems.

My concern is that if this is passed to probation they will involve SS because of both the drugs and assault history.

As we also have history, he was convicted for assault on me he slapped me 3 years ago and I called the police (he was going through a sort of mental breakdown at the time after 3 bereavements and heavy Coke/gambling use). I left him at the time since getting back together he did a domestic violence course and sorted himself out he does not physically harm me.

He does not use drugs around us. He is never around us when he is high he is a cannabis smoker usually nor responsible for DS at these times. I don't use drugs drink or smoke. We had our son after he changed. He does not use any form of abuse in anyway emotional, physical sexual or financially.

Mc180768 Sun 09-Apr-17 12:12:48

Hello Lulu,

You say your OH has been signposted to a drug treatment provider as part of his bail conditions?

In relation to your question, has he been to court and convicted for the offence & sentenced to a community order under a drug rehabilitation requirement (DRR)

If this is the case, then the service will undertake an assessment. If he's on a DRR then he will be assigned a Responsible Officer from the local CRC (formerly known as Probation) If a DRR in place then the treatment provider will update on progress. The initial risk assessment will determine whether action is required to raise a CAF referral.

As long as he sticks to court-ordered requirements and engages with treatment & testing, even if his RO feels a duty to inform children's services, as long as you show the children aren't at risk from harm and you're not exposing them to harm, a positive outcome can be achieved.

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