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Stopping smoking and sugar.

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nobullshitallowed Tue 21-Mar-17 07:31:53

Today is day 1, I've normally had 3 cigarettes by now and 2 cups of coffee with sugar in. Did the coffee without.

I know this is going to be a massive struggle, giving up both at the same time.

Hopefully we can have a little support group if anyone is doing the same x

nobullshitallowed Tue 21-Mar-17 07:53:34


highinthesky Tue 21-Mar-17 07:55:17

Wow! Giving up the cigarettes is hard enough, but sugar as well? (The personal devil on my shoulder).

Go girl!

nobullshitallowed Tue 21-Mar-17 08:29:14

I know I'm quite worried about the sugar, won't be able to have my weekly glass bottle of wine sad

differentnameforthis Tue 21-Mar-17 09:37:39

I think it is too much to do both at once to be honest. You are setting yourself up to fail. My dh tried this, and failed miserably.

He recently tried just cigarettes, and has been a week without them.

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