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Royal style & gossip: the gowns and glamour of the Garter

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QueenOfTheAndals Wed 12-Jun-19 20:57:23

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Now that the Orange One has gone, it's almost time for a visit from the Oranje One! Yes, Queen Max will be attending next Monday's Garter ceremony. It'll be a triplicate fashion face-off between her, Letizia and Kate - who will emerge victorious?

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 10:11:23

I liked Kitty Spencer's Ascot dress when I saw a photo of it yesterday but in this shot it looks like she's wearing a vest that's ridden up. For D&G I'd expect the fit to be immaculate!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Wed 19-Jun-19 10:11:52

When @ahoydelboy used to list them; a good 6 months ago, we were up to about 16 then. I think there’s at least a couple of threads a month

Mrsmadevans Wed 19-Jun-19 10:11:55

I love that picture of the 3 girls together ❤️

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 10:21:22

Zara has looked like that for a while so I don't know if she is actually pregnant. As for Eugenie, it may be wishful thinking - she's not even been married a year and is still only in her twenties. She has plenty of time!!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Wed 19-Jun-19 10:23:00

Vintage Ascot fashion

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 10:26:34

I just counted. We've had 35 threads, to be precise, and Saturday is our first anniversary!

Wetdogloveshubert Wed 19-Jun-19 10:43:24

Lovely vintage pics, @CurlyWurlyTwirly; I love this one in particular - the lady resembles Wallis Simpson. Oh to have that waspish figure!

The second picture, with Princess Margaret, HM, and the Queen Mother shows I suppose what Eugenie would have been going for - Margaret's dress is similar in design, but with a more flattering neckline.

Wetdogloveshubert Wed 19-Jun-19 10:44:54

Oops, meant to say, thank you again @QueenOfTheAndals; I love these threads!

escapade1234 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:56:47

Kate does indeed look like she’s wearing a costume - something from My Fair Lady. Nobody would buy that top and skirt surely? It looks so uncomfortable. And you have to be an absolute rake to get away with it.

AngeloMysterioso Wed 19-Jun-19 10:58:47

I think Eugenie’s dress Just has really badly sewn darts. The effect is rather unfortunate.

I was baffled by the random yellow hat until I spotted a stripe of the same yellow in her dress. It’s barely visible though.

escapade1234 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:59:37

That accident was actually in East Sheen just as you turn from Upper Richmond Rd down Clifford Avenue. They’d have been coming from either Barnes or Putney direction.

BertrandRussell Wed 19-Jun-19 11:02:11

I though My Fair Lady too!

escapade1234 Wed 19-Jun-19 11:02:13

One of Thomas’ sports fields is at Roehampton Vale so it makes sense they’d have been coming from there.

If it was sports day, I wonder where they got changed?

escapade1234 Wed 19-Jun-19 11:03:52

I mean I can’t picture Kate wriggling out of her cat burglar skinny jeans in the back of the limo. It surely takes two people to yank them off her anyway?

DevonUkelele Wed 19-Jun-19 11:04:06

There were some other fab outfits on Tuesday. I like the red here (with the giant hat) and the black and white and the pink and white floral number.

Lady Kitty's is not one of my favourites - but I don't like white frocks much, or those cape things.

And very unsure about the hat of hats! Not for me!

One thing, Kate did look absolutely overjoyed to be there - just glowing, as others have said of her since Louis. This pic (Also posted by a PP, I think) is just gorgeous.

IHeartArya Wed 19-Jun-19 11:21:47

Thanks for all the threads Queen I’ve had at least 3 name changes since they started. I usually NC 3/4 times a year sometimes more if particularly outing posts.

Horsemad Wed 19-Jun-19 11:31:13

Yup, the RF all looked particularly happy and relaxed, I thought.

Any suggestions for what colour HM will be in today? I vote yellow 😀

pinkladyapples Wed 19-Jun-19 11:43:57

Ugh not a fan of anyone's outfits yesterday, so disappointing. Nipple darts, why?? Max probably looks the best but its nothing special. One thing though is that they all looked happy and having a great time which was nice to see on the photos smile

Do the Royals only turn up on day one or is it across the week? I know HMQ is there most days isn't she?

banivani Wed 19-Jun-19 11:44:50

Good work Queen on all the threads! :D

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 11:47:18

And here's the brand new thread!

pinkladyapples Wed 19-Jun-19 11:47:37

Yes thanks Queen for the threads they are the best on MN for me smile

beanaseireann Wed 19-Jun-19 13:43:45

Thank you QueenoftheAndals thanks

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 13:45:15


QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 13:45:26


QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 13:46:09


See you on the new thread.

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