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Should I give fake tan another go?

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taybert Sun 19-May-19 21:10:18

I’m really pale. But not all pale and interesting and porcelain, more like raw sausages. I used to use fake tan but gave up a few years ago because of the faff and smell but recently started to wonder if I should try it again having looked at my legs in readiness for summer.

Are there any that will convert me? Easy, non streaky, non messy and good for the very pale? Or is that completely unrealistic?

Leah2005 Sun 19-May-19 21:14:55

Try skinny tan. It's fab.

Emilydickensonsdogs Sun 19-May-19 21:17:10

Keep hearing about Isle of Paradise drops that you add to your own moisturiser. Meant to be fantastic, no streaks etc. Considering buying them as I too am super pale but not sure if they will end up with all my other half used self tan bottles.

taybert Mon 20-May-19 08:41:53

@Leah2005 do you use the normal skinny tan or the gradual one? Are you pale?

itsgood2talk Mon 20-May-19 08:58:11

BPerfect 10 second tan (the spray not the mouse) in dark watermelon is by far the best I've found...

bodgersmash Mon 20-May-19 09:03:41

Another vote for skinny tan. If you like their Facebook page, offers pop up all the time. DO NOT pay full price!

Crazyladee Mon 20-May-19 09:14:04

Skinny tan!

I bought the wonder serum and it's amazing. You also need the mitt to apply it.

Second the comments about the offers on the website. Or Boots are currently selling it a third off.

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Mon 20-May-19 11:44:03

I really like the gradual tans. The St tropez one and the vita liberata ones are good.

HepburnKNotA Mon 20-May-19 12:15:21

H OP. I'm the colour of raw sausages too. When I say I'm pale people always think it's like a lovely porcelain English Rose thing, but it's really, really not.

I hate fake tan too, it never really works for me and I only ever do my legs as they're the sausageiest part of me and I go too wrong on my upper body so I just leave it.

I've managed well recently with St Moritz, the mousse one, in Medium. I got it at superdrug, it's apparently made by the people who make St Tropez? It's el cheapo so worth a try. I use a mitt as that hugely helps. Loads of exfoliating and body lotion for days and days beforehand.

It's still never perfect but it works ok for me, I don't know how iit would turn out on my torso and arms tho.

I've never yet found a gradual one that works for me, they all look too orange, but tbf I've lost such hope that I probably haven't given newer ones a fair go. I remember them all from about 10 years ago when they went patchy and Tango-y.

taybert Mon 20-May-19 15:23:42

@HepburnKNotA you’re bringing back memories of nice patchy orange interspersed with Cumberland skin- it’s a great look!

I have used the body shop wash off stuff which is actually great but I just never find the time to put it on and wait for it to dry in the morning. Also if it rains....

My skin is generally dry and sad looking at the moment anyway so I think I’ll have a couple of weeks of exfoliating/moisturising boot camp then maybe try skinny tan or one of the others mentioned here. If not then at least I’ll have nice smooth sausages!

Leah2005 Mon 20-May-19 17:15:02

I'm not pale. I'm blue and horribly dry. I'm not very high maintenance so not used massively to using products. I have tried their original cream (can't think what it's called) and their oil. I do prefer the original but I can't decide why! I also use their gradual tan which is great to get my legs sorted before wearing skirts for work.

NuffingChora Mon 20-May-19 17:18:08

Isle of Paradise! Doesn’t smell. At. All. Never used anything like it. It’s amazing - my fav so far is the clear mousse - no guide colour so absolutely no staining of clothes/sheets but still easy to see/feel where you have applied as leaves a sheen behind. Copes really well with moisturiser being slathered on dry bits underneath, and blended over the top. The rest of the range is also meant to be great.

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