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Summer dresses for size 16?

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Batsypatsy Fri 10-May-19 01:05:58

So I normally wear figure hugging Jerry dresses knee length from H&M or similar or black linen skirt with long strappy top. But the dresses are showing every lump and bump - I've put on some weight.

What would suit me? I'm 5 foot 7, big boobs, no waist, big tum, apple basically. I fancy a maxi dress but haven't found any I like. Also a dress that buttons all the way down. I don't like dresses in knee length, they make my calves look big. Must be cotton, viscose or linen.

My budget is quite low. I usually shop inn H&M or on ebay.

Any suggestions? With links or photos if anyone fancies taking the time grin


Batsypatsy Fri 10-May-19 01:06:58

jersey dresses not jerry hmm

shiveringtimber Fri 10-May-19 01:08:19

Amazon does some inexpensive loose-fitting sleeveless summer dresses in a sort of boho style. Otherwise there's always eBay.

jenthehen Fri 10-May-19 01:09:29

I’ve just bought a shirt dress from fat face (similar build to you). The fabric is lovely and dress surprisingly flattering.

Batsypatsy Fri 10-May-19 01:18:00

shivering that sounds good, do you have a link to one?

Jen I like Fatface but not so keen on shirt dresses.

ThistlyPerf Fri 10-May-19 08:46:46

Similar apple shape to you Batsypatsy and I’ve just got the khaki Simone dress from Fat Face which is v flattering.

jenthehen Fri 10-May-19 08:52:28
I don’t normally like shirt dresses either but this was in the sale and with a further 10% off it wax only £26 so I thought it was worth a try. I got it in navy and swapped the belt for a woven tan leather one with tan wedge sandals.

LittleAndOften Fri 10-May-19 15:17:51

I have no waist or bum and a tummy too! I've been scouring the Next pages for maxi dresses this week and these both come in a variety of fabrics and colours (search boohoo 2 in 1 or hot squash empire) I think the empire style is really flattering when you have an apple shape.

Batsypatsy Sat 11-May-19 03:57:18

Thanks Little, I like the second one but ouch at the price!

MarinaMarinara Sat 11-May-19 04:36:02

Have you tried that one on little? I’d be concerned that would make me look pregnant (empire line stuff, much as I love the style, often looks like maternity wear on me), if this one somehow doesn’t do that it would be awesome!

goose1964 Sat 11-May-19 08:54:30

Sounds like you're the same shape as me. I have been looking for the holy grail of dresses for years. TBH the most flattering dress I've found was from Primark of all places. It's a striped t-shirt dress with an elasticated waist, but it looks like a tie.

Less flattering but still better than most are a couple I bought from Boden. Again jersey with elasticated waists.

I've never found a more structured dress that fits properly as it fits either boobs or tum never both

yellowsun Sat 11-May-19 08:57:18

I have loads of the linen dresses from Next (sleeveless).

kshaw Sat 11-May-19 09:59:00

I'm in love with oasis curve at the mo too. If jersey just stick to normal size but if no stretch I'd go up a size

LittleAndOften Sat 11-May-19 10:41:05

@Batsypatsy I think it's really pricey too but my MIL is treating me for my 40th, no way could I ever justify that for a frock!

@MarinaMarinara not yet, they're arriving in the next few days. I take your point about the style, I think it does depend on the cut. I am actually in early pregnancy so not too bothered about looking that way, but I still have a tummy even when I'm not so prefer this style for maxis. It's not always easy to find though!

MarinaMarinara Sat 11-May-19 11:33:40

@LittleAndOften aww congratulations! And what a lovely present. I had a few lovely maternity dresses of different styles from Seraphine so you might also find some nice things there.

StarJumpsandaHalf Sat 11-May-19 11:46:11

The second dress from next is in the sale on Debenhams site for £88.

LittleAndOften Sun 12-May-19 08:57:25

Thank you! Have passed on to MIL grin

Batsypatsy Mon 13-May-19 09:55:39

£88 is still more than I can spend unfortunately.

The dresses with elasticated waists just seem to emphasise my lack of waist.

keepingbees Mon 13-May-19 10:00:53

You're the same shape as me. I haven't found anything amazing but v neck is supposed to flatter a larger bust. I find under bust elastic creates a flattering shape.
Have a look at pepperberry dresses as they are cut for large busts. eBay have a few cheaper than normal retail price.

Batsypatsy Mon 13-May-19 14:17:15

Thanks I'll have a look.

Yes i only wear low scoop necks or v necks, otherwise I look ridiculous.

Sharptic Mon 13-May-19 14:24:47

I'm also a size 16, hourglass figure and I can't wear anything highlighting my tummy.

Have ordered this dress from h&m, I like the fit.

keely79 Mon 13-May-19 14:38:04

I really like the alvers dress from Hush - have it in the black and is super flattering - can be dressed up or down. Am now debating getting the stripy version as well...

Batsypatsy Tue 14-May-19 02:08:49

I love that Hush dress, sadly not there in a size 16 but I'll look on eBay. Thanks smile

Alicewond Tue 14-May-19 02:13:38

Not wanting to antagonise but do you want to or need to lose weight, maybe then your previous dresses will fit?

heath48 Tue 14-May-19 02:19:56

I buy a lot of Hush clothing,I always go down a size,I got that dress in two colours last year,size 14 perfect,I am normally a 16.

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