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Body Lotion Recommendations

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AtlasObscura Fri 26-Apr-19 09:55:50

I'm looking for something to slather on at night or before work that smells nice and summery/fresh.

I'm sorted for face with SPF stuff for day and jollop for night time so it's just a body lotion that doesn't break the bank - I'd be happy to pay up to £15 if it was a fairly decent sized bottle.

I am trying to break my perfume habit grin as I wear it far too much, so recommendations for a nice lightly scented body lotion would be great.

FiremanKing Fri 26-Apr-19 10:28:21

Slightly over budget but this is what I mainly use. The bottle is huge and you only need a small amount so it’s very good value for money.

tierraJ Fri 26-Apr-19 10:30:42

I always use Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing which is £6 but usually on offer somewhere.

It's great for dry skin but absorbs quickly so you can get dressed within minutes.

FiremanKing Fri 26-Apr-19 10:31:01

Sorry. Over budget again but only a small amount needed. This is a beautiful scent

FiremanKing Fri 26-Apr-19 10:33:33

Sanctuary are inexpensive but very nice. Lots to choose from here

twilightcafe Fri 26-Apr-19 10:43:03

I like Garnier Body Repair Body Lotion (in a red bottle). Costs about a fiver from Superdrug. It's rich but absorbs quickly and doesn't feel sticky.

MissPatty Fri 26-Apr-19 10:45:39

The Korres body milks are lovely, Santorini vine is lovely for summer

beanaseireann Fri 26-Apr-19 14:31:15

Palmers Coconut Body lotion.
It's cheap as chips and smells lovely.
Also Rituals Dao body cream.
Aveeno Cream to oil - smells similar to L'occitane Almond body lotion which is expensive.

AtlasObscura Fri 26-Apr-19 17:05:40

Thanks so much everyone for the recommendations, I haven't heard of half of these so this is great and I might have to treat myself to more than one grin

Thanks xx

Rollypoly100 Fri 26-Apr-19 22:55:42
Lovely body lotion, the best I've used. Really changes the look and feel of your skin BUT it's eyewateringly expensive. I still think it is worth it, non greasy and like a long drink for your skin.

optimisticpessimist01 Fri 26-Apr-19 23:02:36

Childs Farm moisturiser is the best I've used and I have used many!! My legs have really bad eczema and this totally clears it up. It'll be in the baby section in Boots but don't let this put you off- its incredible!

Sosayi Sat 27-Apr-19 03:37:18

Fenjal from boots
It’s lovely they do a whole set inc shower mouse oil sprays and lotions
Most of it is under a fiver

GirlRaisedInTheSouth Sat 27-Apr-19 03:47:02

Please choose one that doesn’t require the needless suffering of innocent animals.

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