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Your favourite straight leg jeans?

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BrassicaBabe Wed 13-Feb-19 20:31:55

I think it's time to find something to run alongside my skinny jeans. Moving gently I think straight leg is the way to go. Don't fancy flares, boot cut, crops finishing half my up my shins....

I'm 5'7 size 10 with good legs but a bit of a tum.

Can you share your favourite straight leg jean?

Doje Wed 13-Feb-19 20:33:30

I bought a pair fairly recently from Next. I'm new to straight leg jeans, but love these so much I wear them all the time. I'm 5ft 7 or 8 and bought the longer length.

Alwaysthesun Wed 13-Feb-19 20:45:18

I think it really depends on your shape - Apple, pear, hour glass etc

Laska2Meryls Wed 13-Feb-19 20:50:57

I recommend Gap Mid rise classic, really good jeans not too baggy, a nice slim cut , but i also have tum but slimmish hips and they work well. They come up quite big on sizing I have found . ..I have them in Indigo and coal

Ellapaella Wed 13-Feb-19 20:55:38


Ellapaella Wed 13-Feb-19 20:56:12

Ooh cross post with @Laska2Meryls
Have to agree, I love my Gap jeans, such good denim and great styles.

Ellapaella Wed 13-Feb-19 20:56:42

I size down for gap too.

BrassicaBabe Wed 13-Feb-19 21:23:09

Thanks Doje. I haven't bought Next jeans for years. But they were a staple in my wardrobe for a long time before that.

Laska and Ella yes, really like those Gap jeans! Think I'll give those a go.

Not too sure what shape I am. I'm not apple or pear. Possibly an inverted triangle - broadish shoulders with narrow hips

mizu Wed 13-Feb-19 21:35:27

I'm 5ft 7" ish too and around a 10. Love gap jeans. Always a good fit whatever style. I never but anything else from there.

Laska2Meryls Wed 13-Feb-19 21:36:48

Brassica you sound like me, same shape.. I find those Gap jeans the best of all for my body shape I have had, they also wash brilliantly and I haven't found mine bag

Hi Ella! (OP, Ella and I have had this Gap jeans convo on another thread. smile)

BrassicaBabe Wed 13-Feb-19 21:41:59

I ought to start a trainer convo next. I was in my nearest city today but felt too old to head into any of the trainer shops. grin

Laska2Meryls Wed 13-Feb-19 21:47:18

Ooh Ella and I have done trainers also!! I recently bought these bargains (they are really nice quality ) Am also quite keen on these ones

BrassicaBabe Wed 13-Feb-19 21:58:48

You guys are a pair of geniuses grin Not normally a MV fan but several of those are really nice!

Laska2Meryls Wed 13-Feb-19 22:18:56

Yes MV have a good offer right nowI really like these trainers and these grey ones also these camel ones also (but my Hush ones are really lovely and much cheaper!! ) .

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