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Recommend me a facial spf product please

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mustdrinkwaternotwine Thu 07-Feb-19 07:17:06

I've started using retinol & know I need to wear spf. Any recommendations? My skin is normal but many products make it dry or congested.
Also, what order do I wear it in? I currently use Ordinary Buffet & No 7 day cream.

justilou1 Thu 07-Feb-19 07:50:45

Biore Watery Essence 50plus - plays nicely with makeup, doesn't feel gross. Perfect for every day. I wouldn't use it for holidays on the beach, etc. I would use Anthelios by La Roche Posay. I can't use that one every day as it breaks me out, but the Biore is fab.

RogueV Thu 07-Feb-19 07:54:34

Would you say the Biore stuff is suitable for oily skin?
I keep hearing about it on here

Fairylea Thu 07-Feb-19 07:57:31

L’Oréal revitalift day cream has a built in spf of 30.

justilou1 Thu 07-Feb-19 08:11:24

@Rogue - Yes, it's perfect for oily skin. I live in a very humid part of Australia and it's divine. No sweating, it sits nicely under moisturiser, and I have rosacea and can't use products with oil. It's a gel. BTW - some people suggest you apply sunscreen on top of moisturiser and some say before. It honestly doesn't matter if the moisturiser is oil-free. (Oil will break up the sunscreen, otherwise.). If you wear moisturiser with oil in it, put sunscreen on last, after moisturiser has sunk in for a few minutes. (Sunscreen is my skincare manifesto, btw.... Have lost two aunts to Melanoma.)
Very important to understand that moisturisers and makeup containing SPF, don't actually provide enough sunscreen to protect your face. The number on the front only means that they have SOME SPF mixed in with them. To get the actual full value of the 30SPF that they promise, you'd almost have to use the whole pot of cream. (There are some exceptions, but they tend to be made by sunscreen companies, rather than skincare or makeup brands.). Best to stick to seperate sunscreen and moisturiser, then you know you're covered. (Oh and don't forget your neck and the backs of your hands for both the sunscreen & retinol!!)

alphaechokiwi Thu 07-Feb-19 08:40:58

Sorry OP, can I slightly hijack your thread? @justilou1 - I use Retin-A and wear biore watery essence SPF 50 daily. What is your advice about the order I apply it. Currently I apply a BHA toner, then serum. I do some other stuff for about 10 minutes and then apply the SPF, then primer, then foundation. Is this the correct order? I want my SPF to be as effective as possible...
@mustdrinkwaternotwine - I second the recommendation for Biore watery essence SPF 50. It goes on really well, disappears with no greasy feel or white cast. I too think you should wear a dedicated sunscreen and not rely on there being some in moisturiser.... it's not enough, especially if you are using Retin old.

justilou1 Thu 07-Feb-19 08:44:14

Can’t see any issues, depending on the primer. Btw - must say that I am not a skincare expert, just paranoid and have interrogated my dermalogist and beautician on the subject!!! (They both had the same advice though!)

Elledorado Thu 07-Feb-19 08:53:34

just I love Biore but my derm completely put me off it. Where do you buy it? I'm not 100% sure it passes aussie laws?

I use LrP melt in cream and the LRP tinted Bb spf 50.

RogueV Thu 07-Feb-19 09:19:55

Thanks for that justilou.
Have ordered from amazon shame it’s gonna take a few weeks to arrive smile

trigger2 Thu 07-Feb-19 09:30:33

I’ve seen recommendations for the Body Shop spf, can’t remember the name of it. I haven’t tried it as I have dry skin and I think it dries down a bit. Might be worth a try while you’re waiting?

trigger2 Thu 07-Feb-19 09:32:13

This one

justilou1 Thu 07-Feb-19 10:02:23

I have no experience with that one, so can’t comment. I do know that the Japanese and Korean ones legally have to prove the science behind them to back up their claims. (Also love Make P:Rem Blue Ray gel & milk sunscreen from Korea - I order directly from there. It’s expensive, but worth it in this climate.) I’m not sure about the science behind the Body Shop one, so I personally wouldn’t trust it. (You can’t buy it here in Australia at all as it doesn’t pass our safety standards. Perhaps that’s saying something.)

NoWayNoHow Thu 07-Feb-19 10:36:59

OP, I use a 2.5% retinol moisturiser and use Heliocare 360 SPF50 mineral cream. It's a bit smelly, but that only lasts till it sinks in. About 10mins until you can put make up on top of it.

The mineral cream is good for oily/normal skin, but if you've got dry skin, they do a gel oil too which might suit better.

I find it really good, and use it every day regardless of the season. It's a bit pricey (£25) but a tube lasts me 3 months with daily use.

NoWayNoHow Thu 07-Feb-19 10:41:47

It's this one. Has broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, IR-A and visible light, and also a mineral filter and some weirdy fern extract that has loads of antioxidants in it.

Hiphopopotamous Thu 07-Feb-19 11:37:34

My dermatologist recommended Altruist (cheap on Amazon, invented by a dermatologist)

FloofyDoof Thu 07-Feb-19 11:47:25

I'm currently using the body shop skin defence spf50 pa++++. I like it. I've ordered a bioderma one that a friend said is very nice, to try out next. Photomax 50 something or other.

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Thu 07-Feb-19 16:11:00

I’ve just this afternoon bought the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+ facial sun cream.

I’ve gone with the anti shine one but they had a comfort one too. 25% off in Superdrug at the mo.

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