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Sexy yet comfortable underwear

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hopefullybettersoon Wed 30-Jan-19 20:42:54

Does it exist?

For the last 4 years I've been living in giant cotton panties that cover up my c section overhang and m&s nursing bras which are sooo comfortable but not much to look at. As I'm weaning my youngest I thought it was time to get out my old 'sexy' underwear. I tried on some lacy bras and knickers but they were so bloody scratchy and uncomfortable that I couldn't stand them. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear underwired bras again, they are horrible!

So is there underwear that is super comfy but pretty too? Or shall I just give up now 😂

Hiphopopotamous Wed 30-Jan-19 20:48:13

Still in my maternity pants 2 years later 🙈 bought more pairs recently because they're so comfy.

Give up and embrace the comfort

ATowelAndAPotato Wed 30-Jan-19 20:54:12

I love these from M&S - high enough on the waist to tuck my mum tum in, but the lace is pretty, and despite the cut on the rear, I don’t find they ride up!

MummytoAF Wed 30-Jan-19 20:56:40

This sounds really cheap, but the lace thongs from Primark that are about £1 each are so unbelievably comfortable! They are really stretchy and cheap to replace/get more of. They are all I wear.

StarlightLady Thu 31-Jan-19 13:18:09

The brazillian knickers in M&S are very comfy and wash well. They also have supersoft lace.

Their microfibre thongs are very comfy too; you don’t know you have them on. The secret is to go up a size.

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