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Gym leggings that are squatproof, can deal with sweat and most importantly, hide a tummy

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DontRecogniseMyself Thu 27-Dec-18 19:02:46

As the title says.

I’m a size 10 but apple shaped with a tummy. Can anyone recommend anything under about £30 that are dry fit and flatter my tum? Am wondering whether I need to go for high waisted? My current low waisted ones are functional but don’t seem to be doing me any favours.

LostInShoebiz Thu 27-Dec-18 19:45:22

M&S do some fantastic sportswear. The full length leggings are fantastic: cheap, thick but not too hot, wash really well.

I think mine were about £15.

Branleuse Thu 27-Dec-18 19:47:15

jogging bottoms are squat proof.

Kbear Thu 27-Dec-18 19:47:41

RBK brand in TK Maxx - they have a thick band tummy panel which helps with fit and support and are dri-fit

squirrelnutkins1 Thu 27-Dec-18 19:49:08

Watching with interest

DontRecogniseMyself Thu 27-Dec-18 19:49:12

Ooh I’ll investigate M&S thanks. Branleuse, true but was looking for leggings as they are smarter and I think it’s easier for a PT to see when you are doing things wrong in leggings.

1Redacted1 Thu 27-Dec-18 19:49:51

Gap high rise blackout leggings are good, but I find the fit a bit hit and miss. I have one pair which are perfect, but another pair keep slipping down. Sweaty Betty leggings are the best I've found, but they are more like £70.

The thing I really struggle with is tops. I want loose T-shirt tops which do not cling and don't end on my stomach. Can I find any? Can I fuck.

DontRecogniseMyself Thu 27-Dec-18 19:49:57

Thanks KBear, I’ll have a look there. Tummy panel sounds just the thing!

TwiceMagic Thu 27-Dec-18 19:50:46

I got some black sports leggings from M&S last week that promise not to be at all see through. They don’t appear to be. They are dry fit and high waisted and very flattering on the stomach.

thismeansnothing Thu 27-Dec-18 19:50:50

Sturdy by Design

Can't rate them enough.
Nice thick high waist band that actually stays in place.

Awesome patterns. And always some good discounts on

Kbear Thu 27-Dec-18 19:52:06

RBX not RBK -

TwiceMagic Thu 27-Dec-18 19:52:21

I got these ones.

They’ve got a pocket in the back too.

Kbear Thu 27-Dec-18 19:54:30

Re long tops - I layer a Next long line black vest top under a t-shirt or gym top - they come down to mid thigh level so no skin on show - you can raise your arms, lift stuff, and your midriff remains covered

Kbear Thu 27-Dec-18 19:55:27


DontRecogniseMyself Thu 27-Dec-18 19:56:05

Great, thanks all.

Redacted, I have also struggled with tops. I eventually found some Nike t shirt tops which don’t cling too much and end low enough but they still cling a bit and are really not nice looking at all. I’vr Given up and gone for double layer stuff (M&S have some nice ones) and or sleeveless ones.

Sweaty Betty is fab. I have a couple of their tops which I bought in the sale but even in the sale their leggings are too much.

Kbear Thu 27-Dec-18 19:56:47

when you wear it you can scrunch it up so it's not long like a dress, you can sort of wear it to hip level - supposed to be tighter than on this model, like a second skin, then a baggy top over, (a shorter one)

babysharkah Thu 27-Dec-18 19:57:21

M and s have some new blackout leggings - picked up a pair today - they seem like they'll do the job.

TwiceMagic Thu 27-Dec-18 19:59:01

I’ve got a next longline top (because I have need for an all white outfit involving dry-fit running tights and that definitely requires extra layers on your arse). The sizing is totally massive though. I had to buy a 6 and it’s still not that tight. The 10 was huge.

TwiceMagic Thu 27-Dec-18 20:01:35

The M&S blackout leggings aren’t thick like s wetsuit either (despite what one of the reviews claims). I didn’t think the sizing was small either. I’m usually a 10 but needed to buy the 8. Maybe they’re small by M&S standards (I only buy pants, socks and gym stuff in there so I don’t know).

JellyTeapot Thu 27-Dec-18 20:01:37

Sturdy by Design are fantastic, also quite like Tikiboo but they're not quite as thick.

DontRecogniseMyself Thu 27-Dec-18 20:17:35

Re. tops, I have been wearing just a normal vest top underneath a sports top but have been getting so hit and sweaty. Hoping some of the new stuff I got for Christmas is better.

Thanks again for leggings suggestions, I have a few to look at now.

mrsjackrussell Thu 27-Dec-18 21:59:22

I love my next leggings and they hold my tummy in. I'm the same size 10 with a tummy. Not sure if they're dri fit though

1Redacted1 Thu 27-Dec-18 22:51:10

I've been wearing a vest and sports bra under one of the Gap roll sleeve t-shirts but they're a couple of years old now and I could do with some new ones.

The lack of decent gym wear for women over size 14 and which isn't skin tight is unbelievable. I had to buy a man's high vis jacket for running outside because there were literally no women's ones which weren't clingy or over a size 14.

DontRecogniseMyself Thu 27-Dec-18 23:08:41

Thanks mrs. I’ll have a look at Next. I really need dri fit or I will be a pool of sweat.

Totally agree Redacted. I have found even looking in a 10 that what is available is mostly either skin tight or far too baggy and almost all of it flashes your tummy when you lift up your arms or dare to move anything. Why on Earth I can’t find a top with patterns to disguise any bulges which is long enough and has short sleeves is beyond me. I am actually short so how anyone taller gets on I do not know!

sushisuperstar Thu 27-Dec-18 23:32:57

Try the sweaty Betty sale - sometimes you can get a bargain and the stuff is very good

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