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A very Meryl-y Christmas to all.. Hush Christmas continued

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Ellapaella Sun 09-Dec-18 14:27:05

New thread starts here Hush-ita's

neveradullmoment99 Fri 28-Dec-18 12:02:40

Thanks @soyo. I know what you mean about the cut. It can be very hard to get a good fit. I love love love love love the leather leggings on you soyo - sorry!! sad Gorgeous keep keep keep.

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 12:02:51

I also got the sale Hush zebra joggers and the constellation scarf which I’d been eyeing up for ages and love/keeping.
The zebra joggers are a M and tbh a little bit loose but I can tighten the waist with the pull cord. S would have been better so will keep an eye on returned stock before removing label. I want them for homeworking and popping out to corner shop and they’re lovely and warm and a nice change from harems/Amies.
See photos

neveradullmoment99 Fri 28-Dec-18 12:04:37

I love both the joggers and the scarf but I agree you could have gone smaller on the joggers.

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 12:06:32

@never grin you and I = worst enablers ever! 😂 yes I’m inclined to keep the marvellous leather leggings.
DH approved btw 😎

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 12:07:09

Yes it’s a shame I’ll keep an eye for S in the joggers...they are sooo cozy!

neveradullmoment99 Fri 28-Dec-18 12:13:44

@soyo, its a forest green marl smile

neveradullmoment99 Fri 28-Dec-18 12:14:38

It is hard to see in the picture, It looks darker and stronger on the website.

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 12:17:32

Yes if it’s the same in RL as in the web pic then it’s a really beautiful green and easy to combine with other neutrals including your black leather leggings smile it’s also such a classic it won’t date next winter...

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 12:28:06

@melen the Boden ponte blazers in petite are really lovely and stretchy/comfy unfortunately the navy blue not in the sale yet but may be worth keeping an eye on in case they reduce in the next few weeks. They do come up very small as I tried in petite a while ago but returned as it was too tiny on me but I know you are very very slim/petite so I think you’d suit if this is the kind of style you’re after:

They’re nicely lined too.
If not have a look at their petite tweed blazers they used to be super quality (I have a few from old seasons that have worn very well, still look fab and are great with jeans or workwear)

Missbobbins Fri 28-Dec-18 12:30:31

Happy Christmas all - love hearing about your Christmas days and hush lovelies. Have loved seeing the trees too!

@Laska2Meryls - must be something in the air - my cc was scammed too - they only managed to get 3 small transactions on it before I realised (and I am not liable for) BUT as my card is cancelled I can't access the sales either! 😭 (probably a good thing!)


SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 12:30:58

@melen here, bargain at £70 still have stock in petite 8

Missbobbins Fri 28-Dec-18 12:38:55

Your haul looks amazing. Love the constellation scarf - think you have just enabled! Just need to figure out how to get it without a CC (waiting for my new one to arrive!) do they take PayPal? I have credit from eBay... 🤔

happytobemrsg Fri 28-Dec-18 12:54:39

The MV jumpers arrived! The poncho is so soft & luxurious- I've never had anything like it. The original price was £170 so that's probably why 😂 I can't quite get the cowl neck right though. Might have to google it. The star jumpers reall lovely too but wondering if it's a bit too baggy (I know it's supposed to be baggy but I do t want to feel like I'm wearing a tent. I've ordered a Small which should arrive tomorrow so I can compare. Nothing about returns being via collect + on their website but it's on their returns label so I'm super happy!! So much easier than the post office. So far very happy with MV. Exactly what I'm looking for - luxurious every day basics.

dontcallmelen Fri 28-Dec-18 12:58:12

Never I really like it looks so cosy yy the cut, it can be difficult to replicate something that is well cut.
Soy 💓💓 the leather leggings & your other stuff is very good as well.
Thank you for the boden links, I really like them both, the tweed is on sale so will give that a go.

dontcallmelen Fri 28-Dec-18 12:59:56

Happy haul sounds really good, I usually find MV can come up quite big in the knitwear, it washes well though.

twosoups1972 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:04:36

never the cashmere dress looks really good on you. Did you get it with 20% off or full price? Wonder if it will go down in the proper sale?

@Soy gorgeous leather leggings smile

twosoups1972 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:05:15

Anyone seen any faux leather leggings around please?

ilovecherries Fri 28-Dec-18 13:12:31

soups, I have both coated ones from next, and faux leather ones from Sosander. Both have worn and washed well, the Sosander ones are slightly warmer as they have a fleece lining.

twosoups1972 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:17:06

Thank you @ilovecherries are they these ones:

ilovecherries Fri 28-Dec-18 13:22:43

Yes, that’s them smile. I would say the sizing is generous but not super massive.

Somanyquestions2 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:22:45

Hello again

Thanks for all the welcomes before Christmas, it seems such a long time ago now!

'Talking' of Boden, I don't know if it is of interest now but here is a pic of the pink Heidi in M alongside a pink Meryl in XS. The Heidi is still in stock.
-This reminds me how much this thread has enabled me-.

Hush knitwear has been tempting this season but £££. I have also been looking at the Starling jumper in pink - very soft and a lovely colour which can be worn in spring.

twosoups1972 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:24:10

Thank you @ilove what footwear do you wear with them?

neveradullmoment99 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:24:11

I got it with the 20% off but had a £20 mention me voucher that I had forgotten about so it brought it down a bit.

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 13:29:08

@happytobemrsg glad your poncho is a yes smile cashmere is luscious and unfortunately it tends to follow that the more expensive the better its quality and feel. For example Boden cashmere now is thin and not as lovely as it used to be.
@miss yes I think you can use PayPal with Hush. ‘Tis a lovely and unusual scarf and it may well be reduced more in the sale but didn’t want to chance it being ooo so Will keep tags on and resist wearing “just in case” till the proper sale starts.
In fact I’ll do that with all the 20% off I got but doubt very much the leather leggings will be reduced any further, they never are so Thanks for the enabling everybody grin

SoyYo Fri 28-Dec-18 13:33:58

@melen hope the tweed jacket is a winner. Deffo a try at that price, I’ve kept every single tweed blazer from Boden but they’re all old season now and if I didn’t own a few I’d be tempted with the current offer. They’re great and beautifully lined

@somany welcome back. Thanks for the pics, both beautiful shades of pink but I think the Meryl pink shade has the edge 👌

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