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Help ... Trousers for work.....a simple request

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Canadalife Fri 30-Jun-17 18:32:29

Please help....I think I need collective wisdom. I am in desperate for a pair of plain trousers to wear to work. I have spent the day trying on all sorts and shapes of trousers. I am looking for navy,blue or black work trousers.

I am 56....yes ...really ....I find it v hard to fathom how that happened! I am hourglass not as toned, trim or lump free as I used to be. Usually size 12...5' 7"...10 10 weight wise. I have long legs... I don't want to look as if I am trying to relive my 20s or revive my 30s or pretend I am 40....but equally I don't want to do old lady. Ankle length make me look as if I am avoiding a flood...

Help help....I usually wear skirts or dresses because of this problem. I don't want to pay a fortune.

Thank you in dyslexic as well so please forgive spelling etc.

abigamarone Fri 30-Jun-17 18:53:12

I'm had loads of the cheap tesco and asda ones, but I'm happiest with the plain m+ s ones I bought last month. Just plain trousers, well made, fit well, wash well, don't need ironing if I hang them from a hanger to dry.

secondhoneymoon Fri 30-Jun-17 18:53:41

I have the same problem. Occasionally I find a pair at M&S after trying on every single style in the shop. Why's it so hard?!

cromwell44 Fri 30-Jun-17 19:01:42

Trouble with cheap trousers is they don't do we ... ahem, older ladies any favours. I'm 54 and wear trousers more in Summer, happy in skirts and dresses with opaques in the winter. I've had success withBoden and Great Plains in the sale and also gap cotton stretch trousers. Don't write off ankle-length or even culottes or wide cropped trousers. I think they are stylish without being trying to look young, fashion victimise.

Canadalife Fri 30-Jun-17 20:11:52

If I could get great fit and lasting style I would pay more....but where to shop? I really don't want to be fashions fool!

IlonaRN Fri 30-Jun-17 21:40:18

Boden Richmond bootleg trousers.
I bought a pair in navy after reading about them on here, and they are my new favourites!
I don't usually wear trousers as they gape at the waist, but these don't.

Tollygunge Sun 02-Jul-17 09:15:25

Check out whistles and the finery.

34AQuid Sun 02-Jul-17 09:19:46

Trousers are a problem, arent they? I live in dresses and tights most of the year, but in the summer it would be nice to have a couple of pairs of flattering trousers - maybe one black pair and one navy pair - for work.

I've had absolutely no joy, either, unfortunately. I'm 40, tall, size 12. Decent figure but a bit of a c-section overhang and not as toned as in my youth. I never find anything that suits me sad. They either cling around my tummy or if I size up or go for a less close-fitting style, they sag around the bum/thighs.

Even the Boden and Gap ones everyone mentions don't flatter at all on me.

Watching with interest.

ASauvingnonADay Sun 02-Jul-17 09:27:07

I've just bought some nice Next twill cigarette trousers in black and navy. Really flattering fit and nice material

ASauvingnonADay Sun 02-Jul-17 09:30:54

(Sorry don't know how to link)

buggerthebotox Sun 02-Jul-17 09:39:42

I've got a Next pair too. I'm your age. They're skinny but not tight-fitting ikwim. I was quite tempted by a pegleg (?) pair too.

Cheap and easy!

I've seen some in Tu as well.

I agree that it's tricky to look "right" in trousers when older.

stringbean Sun 02-Jul-17 09:43:18

I always wear Reiss Joanne trousers for work in the summer - I have them in navy, black, grey & dark green. They are slightly cropped on me (5'8) & I wear them with a cardigan or jacket and Clarks brogues. They are quite expensive but they're a great fit on my slightly hour-glass shape (I take a 12), machine washable, and I've had a few summers out of them & they're still looking good. Wish I could wear dresses in the summer but struggle with suitable shoes, tights/no tights, and I travel a lot anyway, so trousers are more practical.

boggedoff Sun 02-Jul-17 09:43:34

usually buy these though they seem to be out of stock at the moment.

boggedoff Sun 02-Jul-17 09:45:17

i also have them in bootleg here

stringbean Sun 02-Jul-17 09:48:57

I'm about to hit 50, and slightly worried now by comments that it's harder to look right in trousers when you get older. I already find shopping for clothes a real minefield so when I find something that works (or I think works!) I tend to stick with it as a sort of 'uniform' for work - hence same trousers in different colours and various jackets (again, all from same place but different colours collected over the years). Maybe not such a great strategy.....

SpaghettiMeatballs Sun 02-Jul-17 09:55:55

Marking my place. I just want some classic work trousers. I work in a very corporate environment so skinny fit isn't appropriate. Everything is bloody skinny fit or finishes above the ankle.

I miss the days of wearing suits to work. It feels so much harder now. Work is a tiny bit more casual than it used to be but not as casual as the high street seems to be!

buggerthebotox Sun 02-Jul-17 10:06:14

I miss the days of "power" Armani trouser suits.....

sandgrown Sun 02-Jul-17 10:14:40

I have had some simple black trousers from TU at Sainsbury that were great but they don't seem to have them in the same style now sad

Floisme Sun 02-Jul-17 10:42:43

I think trousers are just trickier to get right than other clothes. I find it's partly about trying on loads and loads (so real shops rather than online) but also about gritting my teeth and saving up. I recently had a massive stroke of luck and found some second Margaret Howell trousers and the fabric and cut are amazing. It convinced me that getting them to fit and hang properly costs money.

I'm not normally in the Margaret Howell league but I've also had some success with Toast, Whistles and Banana Republic and I keep an eye on Cos and Me and Em. And just to contradict what I said about price, I've had a couple of pairs from H&M that I really like but the fabric is thin and I know they won't last.

And a plug for alterations. I'm slightly pear shaped so I go for a good fit on the hips and get the waist taken in.

I'm older than you and I really like the shorter length because my ankles are still in good shape. I like to think I don't follow fashion blindly but equally I don't ignore it if happens to suit me.

bugger hang on in there - I've read that trouser suits are making a come back smile

buggerthebotox Sun 02-Jul-17 11:06:32

I love a really masculine trouser suit on a small, feminine body!

Hopefully, my own body will be a bit smaller and a bit more feminine by the time those trouser suits come back I'm!

buggerthebotox Sun 02-Jul-17 11:07:26 ffs

Canadalife Sun 02-Jul-17 12:14:51

Thanks all...spent yesterday in the great trouser hunt. I am off to Next again and will try Reiss. It seems such a simple request...well cut trousers that fit with a bit of style...still open to all suggestions.

Extra urgency because dd has shrunk my only summer trousers by shoving them in the dryer on hot!

It is good to know I am not alone...but so frustrating. I am not ready for elasticed waists.....

Wish me luck

PhyllisWig Sun 02-Jul-17 12:19:26

Can I ask a practical question. I am a short hourglass and struggle hugely with trousers. However, they are practical and I want a couple of airs in my work wardrobe. I am happy to save for quality but the decent ones are dry clean only which just isn't realistic for me.

Any suggestions for decent quality washable ones?

orangina Sun 02-Jul-17 12:27:12

I am constantly searching for the perfect black trouser for work and the places I tend to have success (to a greater or lesser degree depending on what's in that season are:
Massimo Dutti
Gap (though they don't wear well and quickly get delegated to weekend wear...).

Don't like M&S quality.

Am wanting to try out Me&Em as well, but they are quite ££££.
Jigsaw also good.

orangina Sun 02-Jul-17 12:27:47

Boden ok but don't wear very well if they are machine washed (IME...)

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