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Hush S/S 17 thoughts?

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DoorsAndWater Tue 14-Feb-17 14:07:02

Hi, what does everyone think of the hush new season? I've ordered a few bits to try, a couple of their basic raglan l/s tops, the dungarees (not sure!) and the lightening bolt dress and shirt, just wondered if anyone else had had a look yet? smile

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 14-Feb-17 14:22:04

I thought it was all a bit meh. The dungarees, funnily enough, were the only thing that caught my eye, although I did previously buy the lightening bolt jumper. I find Hush stuff comes up really big which puts me off a bit as I am never sure whether to order one or two sizes down.

Talisin Tue 14-Feb-17 14:25:02

I've had a look through. I like the Starbright jumper and will almost certainly get the v neck version of the Tara dress at some point. There's a pair of trainers - white with silver stars - that were previewed but aren't up yet that I really fancied but their footwear tends to be overly expensive so we shall see. Lot of things I quite like but nothing in the omg-I've-got-to-have-it category.

S17PREVIEW will get you 10% off and free delivery until the 28th February, BTW.

DoorsAndWater Tue 14-Feb-17 14:33:46

I used that code, had a look online and found it, I'm hoping the dungarees and the dress look good as they were my main wants! I stayed away from t shirts this time as I often find I can pick up those from other cheaper stores like H&M and get the same look!

Laska5772 Tue 14-Feb-17 14:53:52

Love Hush still - I got such a lot last season , (a couple of great last minute loves in the sale last minute also , which I am so pleased about )

This season so far . love the Sofia striped skirt and the yellow T, I think thats a must.. (not sure if to get the raglan t or the linen raw edge one though). I had the burgundy floaty midi skirt last season and love it

Tara stripy v neck is nice, (but so far Tara dresses havent suited me so probably wiont)

I like the marble jersey dress ( and if it was navy, or khaki id be on it !)

Also the striped Amie joggers . think ill give them a go .. - I already live in Hush Harems

I would have loved a ruched skirt in khaki or navy though .. ( but sadly they have not - I have it in burgundy and black)

Laska5772 Tue 14-Feb-17 15:06:54

Brayebrook trainers are lovely

Diamonddealeroncemore Tue 14-Feb-17 15:34:21

I'm quite new to Hush - I still prefer Poetry but I fancy some of the harem trousers.

SesameSparkle Tue 14-Feb-17 16:05:46

Ooh, I'm already tempted by the new tara. I have the old one, I wasn't convinced at first, but it might be my most complimented outfit at the moment. I shall try ignore the fact that my dress already has a hole after 5 wears....-

Does anyone know if it's worth waiting to see if there is a more generous new season discount than 10%? Thank you btw Talisin! smile

Jemimapuddleduk Tue 14-Feb-17 16:10:33

I am liking the v neck tara but not the colours. Would love it in an electric blue or coral.

CountFosco Tue 14-Feb-17 16:46:21

Agree with Jemina, a non-black option would be good in the v neck Tara. The Venice Beach Dress might be a good alternative, although it's not a v-neck.

Laska5772 Tue 14-Feb-17 17:24:52

sesame 10% is pretty much all you ever get from Hush..

Laska5772 Tue 14-Feb-17 17:27:47

.. though you do get extra going through Quidco .. I think its 7.5% for new customers and 5,5% for previous ones. I always split my orders if its free postageand returns as otherwise if you send back part of the order you dont get the Quidco discount

SesameSparkle Tue 14-Feb-17 17:57:09

Laska - thanks

That's true the v neck tara would be better in a colour. I rarely wear black and I'm not convinced that Breton suits my skin tone (is that even a thing?) - though it could be at least worth an order to find out. I like the venice too, but it looks more of a summer holiday dress, which isn't what I'm thinking about in Feb.

Pippin8 Tue 14-Feb-17 17:59:42

I've got the Leonie dress. When I opened it I thought it'd be going back. But, it looks lovely on. It's a great fit & I've had a few compliments.

Apart from that I'll get a white V neck tee & that'll be it.

Floisme Tue 14-Feb-17 18:18:39

I bought their linen jumper last year and the quality was shocking. I think they get a very easy ride, considering their prices, although I agree a lot of it looks good on the website and at least they're not death by navy and grey. M&S should poach their stylist.

TatteredOwl Tue 14-Feb-17 18:24:21

Managed to get to the Hush sample sale in Chelsea last month and stocked up. I got cashmere jumpers for £30, cashmere bed socks for £1, scarves for a £1 and jumpers for £15.

I'm a Hush addict so buy lots anyway but I'm not tempted by the current stuff. And yes it comes up so so big. I'm a good size 12 - and I buy XS in the tops

The pyjamas bottoms are always amazing so I bulk buy them in the sample sale or when they reduce online. They look as New Years later

Ellapaella Tue 14-Feb-17 18:34:27

Does anyone have the amie joggers or long harem pants? If so what size do you recommend for a size 10 and do you find them quite versatile? I fancy the idea of having a nice pair of light trousers that I can wear with everything over the summer that will look good with sandals or trainers.

jcne Tue 14-Feb-17 18:35:24

I missed out on the embroidered black jumper with sheer bits from last season and I'm still too sad to look 😪

jcne Tue 14-Feb-17 18:37:56

ella how tall are you? I would say they run a bit big but probably in a nice comfy way. I didn't keep them as the cut felt too swampy for a shorty.

jcne Tue 14-Feb-17 18:38:19

I would order a 10

Ellapaella Tue 14-Feb-17 18:41:26

I'm 5'7 - I'll go for a small - thanks

Ellapaella Tue 14-Feb-17 18:41:57

I mean a 10!

Swimminguphill Tue 14-Feb-17 18:55:10

I am as size 12 and have s and m in the harems. I actually prefer the S because I really have to cinch in the M or they fall off my hips. As I am tall they don't bag and probably look a bit stretched up iyswim but I like them like that (reckon they are perfect as on model look if you are 5'7" ish). But the m is the same as the s on this for me so sizing up doesn't increase length only width!

Swimminguphill Tue 14-Feb-17 18:56:58

I love the look of the trapeze sun dress in white and the azalea dress in khaki. Please can someone tell me they are yuck on as I should not be spending any more money on clothes this month!

neveradullmoment99 Tue 14-Feb-17 18:58:08

I am liking quite a lot this season. Have ordered the dungarees. They should arrive either tomorrow or the next. Love the marble tee but it is expensive but thought i would give it a try. Also ordered the lovely little star square scarf. Will report back in the dungarees. Hope they are as good as they look. A bit worried about the andypandy look though.

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