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If you use bars of soap instead of gel what do you use?

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DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 01-Aug-15 20:01:52

Just that smile

Went to a holiday cottage and there was a glass jar with unwrapped bars of soap in there and I brought one home with me, huge bar and smells vaguely familiar. I'm coming to the end of it now and am desperate to find some more.

It's a white bar, no name on it. First thing I thought of was Camay but can't seem to find it anywhere.

So I need to find a replacement if my beloved soap can't be replaced, any suggestions gratefully received smile

Fizrim Sat 01-Aug-15 20:07:01

What shape is/was the bar?

SmileAndNod Sat 01-Aug-15 20:09:01

Would it be Dove bar?

I use the l'occitane bars of soap. Last ages, really creamy, aren't drying and come in lovely fragrances. I even have my own little soap dish. No one else dare use themgrin

Sonnet Sat 01-Aug-15 20:18:29

Love the idea of a glass jar full of soap bars!! Will pinch that one smile

VagelinaJolie Sat 01-Aug-15 20:18:55

I use Waitrose soap-super cheap and lovely scents that match bat foam and shower gel. But currently using neutrogena bar for sensitive skin-glycerine with a lovely spicy scent.

BernardsBum Sat 01-Aug-15 20:29:17

Second the L'Occitane soaps - they are really good. Currently i'm using Body Shop pink grapefruit - re-living my teens.
Look out for hand made soaps at farmers markets, gift shops etc

BeatieBo Sat 01-Aug-15 20:31:38

I also use L'Occitane soap (and shower gel) They last for so long that they work out costing not much more than much cheaper products and they make the bathroom smell gorgeous!

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 01-Aug-15 20:35:18

I use Pears because I love the smell.

tomatodizzymum Sat 01-Aug-15 20:39:24

I am a cheapskate, so I use whatever's on offer. Makes for variety. I like Imperal Leather or Pears (reminds me of my grandparents) neither of which are sold in my local supermarket sad.

Artandco Sat 01-Aug-15 20:41:28


KungFuhrer Sat 01-Aug-15 20:42:57

I use dove. I used to love pears but it doesn't smell/look rights since they changed the recipe.

teacherwith2kids Sat 01-Aug-15 20:44:21


Though I have recently had a Dove bar which, to my very great surprise (have had 'interesting' experiences with other Dover products, though I am also OK with their antiperspirant), I did not react to and was creamier than the Simple soap.

Mintyy Sat 01-Aug-15 20:44:56

I splash out on Nesti Dante soap because no one else in the house uses it and it is a little bit of indulgence for me. Am also fond of avocado soaps which you can get in gift packs in TK Maxx, and Crabtree & Evelyn jojoba.

BigRedBall Sat 01-Aug-15 20:45:06

Cussons and Dove. Not the original dove, it's too soft and doesn't wash off. I'm using dove Shea butter atm and it's lovely. Smells amazing. The white cussons soap is lovely too.

treaclesoda Sat 01-Aug-15 20:45:35

I love soap, I much prefer it to shower gel, both because it smells nicer and because it doesn't dry my skin out the way shower gel does.

For old fashioned childhood familiarity, Palmolive or Lux.

My other favourites are African Black Soap, Sainsburys Basics (smells gorgeous and feels really luxurious) and bars of Dr Bronner.

I am a soap addict. grin

BigRedBall Sat 01-Aug-15 20:46:39

I don't know why I've written cussons...I meant imperial leather!

StonedGalah Sat 01-Aug-15 20:47:05


teacherwith2kids Sat 01-Aug-15 20:47:14

Ivory soap is another large white bar one.

Sparklingbrook Sat 01-Aug-15 20:51:56

I love a bar of soap. feels so clean and less slimey that shower gel. Dove is the best.

nicestrongtea Sat 01-Aug-15 20:53:45

Dove and Imperial leather have their name on.
Could it be Waitrose?
Their bars are suitcase shaped ( cant think of another way to describe it!)
No name on it.

here :

Beautifullymixed Sat 01-Aug-15 20:53:46

I love Dove as well, but my favourite at the moment is black African soap. I get it from amazon, and it's been fantastic on my summery heat rashes, dry, eczema prone skin. I can even use it on my rosacea prone facial skin. It even soothed very wind chapped skin from the beach this summer.
Plus I feel very clean and fresh, and smell wonderful.
So does the bathroom smile

ShooBeeDooBeeDoo Sat 01-Aug-15 20:55:24

We use white (mild) imperial leather. I like Connock soap for my gym bag.

Fizrim Sat 01-Aug-15 20:55:58

I used Pears for years but as the PP said, when they changed the recipe it didn't smell the same to me.

I've just bought some white imperial leather (but it still has the paper label on so I don't think that is yours) but you now have me thinking about Palmolive!

Lux never suited me as a kid, made me itchy - can you still get that? Dove doesn't always suit me either, unfortunately.

SwedishEdith Sat 01-Aug-15 20:56:08

Waitrose cheap stuff as well. Can often get camay in Quality Save

Sparklingbrook Sat 01-Aug-15 20:58:34

i did find a bar of Shield in Poundland or similar. that smells very clean but possibly a bit harsh.

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