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Please help me find a deep red lipstick!

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LittleBabyPigsus Tue 10-Dec-13 23:05:03

Looking for a red lipstick in the same colour as this dress. Finish doesn't matter. Price up to £10. Any ideas?

Gakkers Tue 10-Dec-13 23:09:10

Omg that dress! Gorgeous! Mac Russian red. Matte and retro.

LittleBabyPigsus Tue 10-Dec-13 23:10:28

I don't get along with MAC lipsticks unfortunately, and over my budget anyway!

Gakkers Tue 10-Dec-13 23:12:44

That Kate moss rimmel one in red. Eh...guessing it's number 1????

Gakkers Tue 10-Dec-13 23:14:43

Anyway it's a great value true red. You'll look amazing!

LittleBabyPigsus Tue 10-Dec-13 23:15:36


BunnyLebowski Tue 10-Dec-13 23:16:09

YY to the Kate Moss Rimmel one. It's shade 01 and is lovely.

Collection 2000 have a luxury range of lippies out at the minute and they are gorgeous. There's one called Silent Movie which would be great with that dress.

I love Modcloth but don't use them anymore after being stung for £50 extra taxes by the UPS man last time I ordered hmm .

McFox Tue 10-Dec-13 23:20:29

Another vote for the Kate Moss red, shade 1. It's perfect.

MrsBertMacklin Tue 10-Dec-13 23:20:59

Another vote for the Kate Moss 01. I'd also have a look at Maybelline Superstay 14-Hour in Ravishing Rouge or Non Stop Red. Revlon also have a really good range of classic reds.

HyvaPaiva Tue 10-Dec-13 23:26:08

Maybelline Color Sensational in Hollywood Red (540) is another good cheap one that's retro fabulous. The dress is lovely!

LittleBabyPigsus Tue 10-Dec-13 23:44:04

Bunny unfortunately anything over a certain value being shipped in from overseas gets those taxes, not just a ModCloth thing - it's a HMRC thing.

I'm not actually getting the dress, just needed an example of the colour I want.

lookatmybutt Wed 11-Dec-13 02:16:35

MUA lip lacquer in Reckless

Maybelline SuperStay in Red Passion

Revlon Fire and Ice

I find the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks to be overrated.

PS, I love Modcloth stuff. I'm usually OK on the customs.

lookatmybutt Wed 11-Dec-13 02:23:59

BTW, you want to avoid couriers like UPS and FedEX. They pay maximum tax on your behalf and also charge you 'brokerage' fees.

Go for USPS shipping.

LittleBabyPigsus Wed 11-Dec-13 02:34:30

Maybelline Superstay in Red Passion is lovely but on me it's a fire engine red rather than a dark red. Maybe Cherry Pie? Fire And Ice is an orange red so not really suitable since I'm looking for a true or cool red (like the dress I linked to). The MUA lacquer looks like it's brighter on than in the tube but will try it if I can find a tester. Will perhaps try Revlon Really Red.

AdoraBell Wed 11-Dec-13 02:41:31

I like Guerlain number 525, Folie de Grenat for dark red and Dior Addict number 754 for a brighter red. The Dior is glossy.

AdoraBell Wed 11-Dec-13 02:43:30

I don't know what Those Two retail at in the UK, sorry if too expensive.

LittleBabyPigsus Wed 11-Dec-13 05:18:35

Hah yeah, they're quite a lot over £10 :D £10 would get me a Revlon or Maybelline lipstick, for comparison. Both the ones you mentioned are over £20 here (and I'm actually struggling to find the Guerlain one for sale here, are you in Australia by any chance?).

Curioustiger Wed 11-Dec-13 08:45:31

The body shop does a lovely red lipstick in that shade that is quite cheap. I personally don't get on with the Kate moss one or the MAC ones... Too dry.

Stokey Wed 11-Dec-13 10:43:44

Mac Ruby Woo is great colour but over budget and very matte/dry. Lisa Elridge does a great tutorial on different red lipsticks and which suit different skin tones - all about blue tones and orange tones.

Can't link to it as am at work but if you look on her site, you'll find it.

ElizabethBathory Wed 11-Dec-13 12:31:40

Only just seen this Little, I answered you on the winter thread smile I second Mac Russian Red or Kate Moss Rimmel 01! Personally I'd pay the extra for the Mac as I hate the Barbie plastic smell of the Rimmel and it doesn't have such awesome lasting power.

QueenCadbury Wed 11-Dec-13 13:38:33

I don't get on with the Kate moss red as I find it almost a bit on the brown side. I prefer Rimmel red diva.

AdoraBell Wed 11-Dec-13 14:55:18

No, Latín América.

LittleBabyPigsus Wed 11-Dec-13 18:49:06

Found what I think will be my choice today - L'Oreal Color Riche serum lipstick in 502 True Red. £8.69 in Boots and amazing staying power for a very moisturising lipstick. I never usually go for L'Oreal makeup for some reason but glad I tried it.

Catswiththumbs Thu 12-Dec-13 00:20:15

I really like the Topshop lipsticks, and they are within budget.
Loads of different shades of red, I used rio rio this summer, currently using a purpley deeper red.

LittleBabyPigsus Thu 12-Dec-13 12:22:03

I love the Topshop lipstick, I have Beguiled.

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