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Don't judge me but I want a onesie

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FragglerockAmpersand Wed 20-Nov-13 21:59:10

Can anyone recommend a really warm (insulated?) onesie with a hood - that goes up to plus size? Infuriatingly I'm about a 16 but have a massive arse and thighs.

I know, I know, they're gross; but I seriously do live in the coldest house of all time and work from home, and can't really afford to have the central heating on all day.

The internet's full of the blighters but most of them look very thin and a bit pointless. Can't afford to be too choosy on the style but I do like the whole Aztec and Fair Isle look.

Thanks in advance for not taking the piss grin

GivesYouHell Wed 20-Nov-13 22:20:13

I bought my first ever onesie this weekend. From Peacocks, thick snuggly fleece, size 18 to 20. Cost £18.

Best. Thing. Ever. I pull it on over my clothes when I walk in the door. I got thick fluffy fleece socks too. Toasty warmness from top to toe. (I even like the hood, but I think the ears attached to it make me look like a giant furry tellytubby)

I also get constant entertainment value from the kids recoiling from my fashion crime...

BeCool Wed 20-Nov-13 22:21:41

<<whispers - I brought a fleece one (my first) from Primark last week. It is heaven. £10, no hood. I may never go out again>>

BeCool Wed 20-Nov-13 22:23:14

I get down to knickers and vest and climb right in. It is amazing. I can't believe I took so long. It's a light fleece which suits me - no feet, no hood. Size 18 - generous.

BeCool Wed 20-Nov-13 22:24:17

not helpful you to OP sorry, but I feel so much better having confessed publicly

GivesYouHell Wed 20-Nov-13 22:32:13

This was my first post ever in Style...

<awaits lifetime ban>

horcruxmanzini Wed 20-Nov-13 22:35:45

So shoot me too, but I'd like a hooded onesie but - crucially - not one made from that statictastic fleece M&S seem to have bulk bought this winter. Is there such a thing as a cosy jersey onesie for under £50? I've seen the really expensive £150 ones on the John Lewis website but it's bad enough paying to look like a Tellytubbie as it is...

BeCool Wed 20-Nov-13 23:20:15

a jersey one would be nice

teta Thu 21-Nov-13 00:00:04

I've bought one for my dd from Matalan.It looks really good on as it has a fitted drop waist band( for want of a better explanation).Its the grey patterned fleecy one.(very explanatory I know).

kikid Thu 21-Nov-13 00:03:27

ohh me too, coveted a thick fleece one in asda today.grin

cheerfulweatherforthewedding Thu 21-Nov-13 00:04:25

I'm considering one. They all look like teletubby outfits, but so warm.

caramelwaffle Thu 21-Nov-13 00:06:39

Fleece onsies from Primark.

other retailers are available

SoonToBeSix Thu 21-Nov-13 00:21:18

I have one from
Next it's size xl long length it is so soft and warm and has a hood . It wasn't cheap , £32 but I think I will easily save the cost in heating bills x

kateecass Thu 21-Nov-13 00:26:29

Get one with a zip not poppers. Poppers increase the length of time you freeze when you go for a wee!!

GivesYouHell Thu 21-Nov-13 05:26:31

Wear a tshirt (long or short sleeved) under your freezing while you wee!

Coumarin Thu 21-Nov-13 05:35:46

They're vile aren't they? But I want one.

I'm already jumping into pyjamas, huge dressing gown and slipper boots as soon as I get home, so may as well throw a giant baby gro into the mix.

Not sure about fleece but do want a really snugly one. Not sure if it's colder than usual but I seem to be permanently freezing.

superlambanana Thu 21-Nov-13 05:39:42

I decided last night, while getting huffy with self-rolling-up pj legs and twisting pj top and cold feet, that a onesie with feet would be a Very Good Thing. but only if nobody saw me in it

Also am pg and can't stand the thought of waistbands, and I hate nighties.

There. I've said it. I want one.

Coumarin Thu 21-Nov-13 06:09:38

Good point re waistbands. Planning on doing ivf (yet again) early next year and my stomach gets really bloated and sore. Can't bear anything tight touching that area. So a onsie would be perfect! apart from the needing to pee every 3 minutes


Bradsplit Thu 21-Nov-13 06:15:03

I will never wear a horrific onesie. What is wrong with a dressing gown ?

MorgauseIsNotBlinking Thu 21-Nov-13 06:40:51

But you have to get undressed to do a wee and then you get cold. I don't get onsies at all.

mrsWast Thu 21-Nov-13 06:50:01

i have my onesie on RIGHT NOW. zebra one with ears and a mane on the hood.

the only thing is that mine has feet, and my own feet get panicky as i can't get them uncovered.

to sum up: i fucking love my onesie.

FragglerockAmpersand Thu 21-Nov-13 08:15:55

BECool grin I think it's so important to have a safe place to be vulnerable about one's life choices don't you?!

Oh now I REALLY want one. I'll check out Primark and Peacocks - I have both nearby, living as I do in a bustling metropolis <cough>

BeCool how roomy is it round the arse and thighs please? Do you consider yourself over-burdened in that area? Not to be too personal or anything...

ThreeInEachLobe Thu 21-Nov-13 08:20:51

I got over myself and bought one from Asda - with other girlie stuff that made it look like i was buying for teenage DD.

Bought my usual dress size, but find its a bit wedgie-happy. Am forever foraging around. Might just be my massive arse though.

duckyfuzz Thu 21-Nov-13 08:24:40

Next have some lovely onesies this year

FragglerockAmpersand Thu 21-Nov-13 08:28:01

Oh just seen all the other responses - ha, this is like a onesie support thread.

Good tip re. wearing something underneath and poppers vs. zips - and I'll check out Matalan too. I think I need to feel the fabric instead of getting one online - it's so true about that nasty staticy fabric some retailers seem to bulk buy.

Funny thing is I was lying in bed last night pondering this very issue (I have a very rich internal life hmm) and out of the blue DH declared he thought we should get a matching pair grin

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