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I want a dress like this but without the Per Una label! Views on the dress please

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LostMarbles99 Mon 09-Sep-13 19:58:15

this dress. I really like the style of the dress but I'm not ready for Per Una yet!

Am 34 size 10 and need a confidence boost as have just returned to work after first baby.

Any ideas where I could get something similar and do you like the dress? I'm a teacher if that's relevant?!

MotherOfDragon Mon 09-Sep-13 19:59:17

What's wrong with the label? No one will see it!

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 09-Sep-13 20:01:35

Just buy that one. It's lovely.

ArtDecoGirly Mon 09-Sep-13 20:05:40

If you like that dress, what does the label matter? To try and search high and low for a similar one is a bit daft when the one you like is right in front of you... wink

britishbakeoff Mon 09-Sep-13 20:10:55

My dear departed mum, who was an actress and very glam (though sadly I take after my dad) had a saying that you should never dismiss anywhere that sells clothes because someone with a good eye can find a gem 'even in Dorothy Perkins' (sorry, DPs - her words, not mine).

This is a longwinded way of saying get it.

IsThatTrue Mon 09-Sep-13 20:16:00

Cut the label out wink

It's a nice dress, great for a teacher, order it!

noddyholder Mon 09-Sep-13 20:17:38

Its quite Victoria Beckhamish

DontmindifIdo Mon 09-Sep-13 20:21:30

lord, just order it! It's only £45, you're probably going to have to pay a lot more to get something similar that's not Per Una.

They have managed to make one dress you like, buying one nice dress isn't a slippery slope towards a wardrobe full of excessive applique and 'jazzy buttons' unless you want it to be.

ItsaTIARA Mon 09-Sep-13 20:23:53

There you go.

Yakky Mon 09-Sep-13 20:25:19

You could try eBay.
I see loads if great dresses on there and it doesn't have to be per una.
Must add though that whenever I put any per una stuff in for sale, it usually gets a lot of interest so it must be popular.

magnumicelolly Mon 09-Sep-13 20:26:51

Uh you like it? So buy it and don't be so ridiculous. It's not like it has 'per una' scrawled all over the front, is it?

Zoe789 Mon 09-Sep-13 20:27:22

I can see how that would be really flattering. it's not frumpy so don't worry! ignore labels! I have bought things from country casuals shock can you top that!! - and people have said "oh is that from hobbs?". i'm not saying I like everything from cc by the way but when I see it and I like it I know I like it regardless of where it's from.

flowery Mon 09-Sep-13 20:27:23

If you like it you like it, surely?! Buy it!

Bunbaker Mon 09-Sep-13 20:32:32

Ditto everyone else. I don't get why some people are so hung up about labels.

I like the dress and have even seen it in the flesh. It is lovely and would consider it for myself.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 09-Sep-13 20:32:32

Buy it. M&S do great shift dresses for work.

ItsaTIARA Mon 09-Sep-13 20:38:38

I think we should nominate this thread for Classics.
The Day That All Of S&B Begged the OP To Buy A Per Una Dress.

ItsaTIARA Mon 09-Sep-13 20:39:49

...or do you think the OP is actually a fiendishly cunning member of the Per Una Marketting team playing mind games with us?

LostMarbles99 Mon 09-Sep-13 20:42:37

Definitely do not work for M&S!

Right I will order it as it is nice!

You lot have me all paranoid about buying from Per Una, that's why I asked!

GreatNorthRoad Mon 09-Sep-13 20:49:30

The dress I get more compliments in than any other is Per Una

SniffAndMoomintroll Mon 09-Sep-13 20:54:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Belindaearl2 Mon 09-Sep-13 22:01:34

Dame Mirren wears it in the latest ad - sure you'd not pass for the queen? [cardigan]

SundaySimmons Mon 09-Sep-13 22:13:53

I like it. But I'm pushing fifty.

At 34 I had two children under the age of four and would have considered a dress like this a little bit mature.

But it would depend on where you work. It is smart but my honest opinion it is what I would expect to see on an older woman.

SpottedDickandCustard Mon 09-Sep-13 22:17:57

Gorgeous dress!!!

Am pmsl that the style and beauty vipers have done such a good job of blacklisting per una!

ShoeWhore Mon 09-Sep-13 22:25:50

Buy it, looks great.

TollgateDebs Tue 10-Sep-13 18:59:35

Buy it and love it! I've found and buy clothes from anywhere and everywhere with the proviso that they look good, I feel good in them and they will wash! Lots of the clothes come from the same manufacturers, with often minimal variations in design, but huge differences in pricing. I have received the most compliments recently for a suit from Primark, where I changed the buttons and the look of the outfit, so don't be afraid to fiddle too, as cheaper ranges often save money on the quality of buttons and belts and this is easily remedied.

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