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Recent trends which you didn't 'get'

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Tweet2tweet Thu 01-Aug-13 20:49:04

I'm trying to put 3 month old dc to sleep and am pondering over recent styles and trends that I just didn't see the appeal of. One that comes to mind is 'peplum', it will date quickly and looks quite tacky IMO.

Anyone else want to share their thoughts on recent styles/trends that just don't cut it.......

SundaySimmons Thu 01-Aug-13 21:04:26

Those ghastly dress that are above the knee at the front and then long at the back.


Crutchlow35 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:07:58

Gladiator sandals. Ridiculous.

Laska42 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:08:42

Definitely Peplums ,

Those dresses and skirt with the back hem much longer than the front.. what is that all about?

Oh and those ghastly jewelled thongs with straps you can see over trousers and skirts.. and well ...any thong really ..

Wedges especially those with ankle straps

Toe post shoes with back straps

Open toed bootsshock(why?)

Three quarter length/crop trousers .. Believe me you only need one (long) day sitting in a poll station watching all the people come into vote wearing them (back view of bums in in polling booths) to realise that they simply do not suit ANYBODY of ANY shape.. I went back to skirts after a day of seeing that .

White socks (esp with trainers ) ... Pleeeease no..

i'll get my (unfashionable Peter Storm navy waterproof pack-a-mac - great for English summers ) coat (but just dont start me off on the Cath Kidston flowery jobs)

FoFeeFiMum Thu 01-Aug-13 21:10:08

Dip dye (or whatever you call it) hair - especially with 'coloured' ends!?!

Laska42 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:10:23

.. hmm but I do like my gold gladiators..

mumofthemonsters808 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:13:15

Those tight long t-shirt dresses that everyone seems to be wearing they are so unforgiving and unflattering and make even a slim girl look fat. I particularly hate the tribal print ones or the ones with graffiti writing on. A horrible look on anyone.

clareyfarey Thu 01-Aug-13 21:14:59

Horrible new trend of nails filed to a point.


So many, but those toeless boots were horrendous too.

ravenlocks Thu 01-Aug-13 21:15:59

Agree with those uneven hemmed dresses and open toed boots.

For me hareem trousers, leather skirts, dresses, shirts, tops (in fact anything leather unless it is jacket or coat).

Laska42 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:16:12

hair feathers.. urgh.. gross

InMyShreddies Thu 01-Aug-13 21:17:38

I have a tight t-shirt dress with an Aztec pattern on right now! Plus I have a dress that is longer at the back...

Peplums however are ridiculous, pointless and don't add anything to any outfit IMO.

And anything involving trainers, I just don't get... I've tried Converse, Ash wedges, Nike Dunks and I have given up. I feel like I'm pretending to be sporty. Also, laces are such a faff and trainers look scruffy so quickly.

gandalfcat Thu 01-Aug-13 21:20:42

adults in babygrows ie onesies - hideous

eye brows that are painted so thick and dark they look like moustaches that have relocated.

Laska42 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:21:47

Yes ! Onesies !! foul!! utterly foul

Laska42 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:22:46

constant gum chewers ( does that count?)

LogonMounstuart Thu 01-Aug-13 21:26:17

Clicked on this to say peplums!

Play suits. To me they look v 70s. I imagine they will date just as quickly as they did last time.

OneLittleLady Thu 01-Aug-13 21:28:37

Crop tops hmm

gandalfcat Thu 01-Aug-13 21:38:50

teenage boys with trousers under their arses!

TeamJesse Thu 01-Aug-13 21:54:31

Studs. Fringing.

Allthingspretty Thu 01-Aug-13 22:11:55

Leggings particularly the graphic\slogan and aztec print

dexter73 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:14:52

Those loose patterned trousers. I tried some on and I just looked like I was wearing pyjamas.

iMe Fri 02-Aug-13 06:48:47

hair shaved short on one side and left long on the other side. ugh.

WipsGlitter Fri 02-Aug-13 06:52:11

Yes to the eyebrows thing. Desperate and really unflattering

Also wacky professor / geek specs, again unflattering.

Morgause Fri 02-Aug-13 06:53:27

Patterned leggings on anyone over the age of 18.

Sleeve tattoos. Just awful.

HumTiddlyTum Fri 02-Aug-13 06:57:44


Tweet2tweet Fri 02-Aug-13 07:01:15

Gosh yes, peep toe boots- WHY.....

Also wanted to add, sleeveless biker jackets!

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