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What colours are you wearing today?

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JumpHerWho Thu 21-Mar-13 11:50:14

Are we still in dark dull winter mode, or embracing Spring in a vision of pastels? Bonus points for wanky fashion-speak colours.

I am in:

Olive green
French navy

Thumbwitch Thu 21-Mar-13 11:52:36

I'm in Australia and it was warmer than it has been for a few days here today (fag end of summer moving into Autumn) - wearing stone trousers and a mint green vest top. smile

I Don't Really DO Fashion grin

niminypiminy Thu 21-Mar-13 11:55:05

Pine green
scarf in shades of emerald, mallard, cobalt, celadon

nipersvest Thu 21-Mar-13 11:56:34

mostly navy, am still very much in winter mode given forecast for the weekend is snow!

kalidanger Thu 21-Mar-13 11:56:56

Dark blue jeans
Black peplum top
Black batwing jumper

Same old thing grin

Allalonenow Thu 21-Mar-13 11:59:04

Grey and black, still winter here!

GinAndSlimlinePlease Thu 21-Mar-13 12:00:27

grey, grey, navy, navy, neon pink hairband!

I do have naice lingerie on thoughgrin

Fluffydressinggown Thu 21-Mar-13 12:00:31

Red, navy, olive green, cream

littlepeas Thu 21-Mar-13 12:01:29

Indigo jeans, navy Breton (mainly navy, white stripes) and navy cardi! Tan boots and belt, grey scarf. Def still in winter here, although not bothered with a coat today!

foxysocks Thu 21-Mar-13 12:09:31

indigo jeans
black l/s top
union flag scarf so cream/red/navy
tan ankle boots
olive green padded coat for the various school/nursery runs <weep> TOO COLD

joliejolie Thu 21-Mar-13 12:13:12

Dark berry pink and I need that little bit of colour as I'm feeling pretty miserable today. I have even dug out my dark pink Fly London canvas trainers to try and ease spring into my wardrobe!!

BirdyBedtime Thu 21-Mar-13 12:22:41

A mushroom and stone striped dress, stone tights, brown boots, red cardigan and rust/gold scarf. Can you guess I'm a spring??

greenhill Thu 21-Mar-13 12:23:27

I'm wearing raspberry sorbet skinny legging cords (see above for brightness) with a black scoop necked long sleeved essential tee from Gap. And a black down filled gilet from Musto.

I feel a bit Morticia Addams about pastel colours tbh.

Mrsrobertduvall Thu 21-Mar-13 12:28:12

Skinny jeans and a cotton cashmere coral v neck jumper. (mens from uniqlo- fab quality, washes beautifully and great for tall women)
When I go out to the supermarket, I will throw on a coral/navy scarf and my trusty black Berghaus coat.

I want to put on my bright orange Banana Republic mac, but I would freeze.

MrsLettuce Thu 21-Mar-13 12:28:18

Black, white and red.

Black and white spotted wiggle dress, red tights, red skinny belt and a wee black cardigan.

Annianni Thu 21-Mar-13 12:32:36

Burgundy, mid blue, grey and cream.
Sunny here, so black sunglasses too.

JazzDalek Thu 21-Mar-13 12:46:35

Midnight blue velvet skinny trousers
Warm rust-coloured oversized wool jumper (stripy tee underneath but not visible)
Dark brown Kiwi sheepskin boots
Dark brown leather jacket

It's freezing here and very un-springlike.

foofooyeah Thu 21-Mar-13 13:16:13

blue denim, tan brown and cream ..... with a splash of pink

AmberNectarine Thu 21-Mar-13 15:05:07

French Navy

TravelinColour Thu 21-Mar-13 15:07:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Startail Thu 21-Mar-13 15:15:08

Navy, cream, long brown boots, large warm, many and cream scarf and my thick warm brown fur lined coat. It's spitting freezing drizzle and I'm about collect kids.

Startail Thu 21-Mar-13 15:16:45

No chance of olive cotton trousers, tan sandals and short sleeves here sad

INeverSaidThat Thu 21-Mar-13 15:23:07

Muted lime green TShirt
Deep purple cardigan
Black jeans

I don't do matching smile

MotheringShites Thu 21-Mar-13 15:26:01

Fake tan streaked white dressing gown (poorly sick)!

ScentedNappyHag Thu 21-Mar-13 15:28:47

Dark indigo high waisted jeans,
White vest with black print,
Black cardi,
Bright red shoes, nails, lips,
Black and white bandana.
Could go either way really, winter or spring.

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