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What are you wearing today?

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AmberNectarine Sat 02-Feb-13 12:21:27

I'm currently wearing

Taupe towels x 2 - White Company

Will report back when I have got off my arse.

GobblersKnob Sat 02-Feb-13 12:30:18

Nah, stick to the towels, it's an interesting look for a Saturday grin

Johnnie B grey skinnies
Boden grey and blue long sleeve stripy tee
Oversized Urban Outfitters black and cream graphic jumper
Burgundy All Stars
Enormous charcoal tribal scarf from Urban Outfitters when I venture outside

QueenBOObread Sat 02-Feb-13 12:32:40

Charcoal pyjamas with white stars: Hush
Mushroom dressing gown: White Company


CointreauVersial Sat 02-Feb-13 12:34:52

Teal skinny jeans (M&S Indigo)
Black lambswool oversize jumper (Woolovers)
Teal/black/taupe/red scarf (Primark)
Fluffy pink slipper socks (local "bargain" shop)

chanie44 Sat 02-Feb-13 12:38:42

Having a lazy day.....

Black leggings: sainsburys (as recommended mumsnetters and am impressed with the quality)

T-shirt: river island (crap quality but as I said, lazy day)

Slipper boots so my feet are lovely and toasty....

RobinSparkles Sat 02-Feb-13 12:38:47

My pink Goldigga dressing gown blush.
In my defence, it was a gift a few years ago from someone who doesn't share the same taste as me clothes-wise. It's fecking hideous but bloody comfy.
The reason I am wearing it is that I have just had a bath, I am going to get changed into skinny jeans and a baggy sweater in a moment.

QueenofClean Sat 02-Feb-13 12:41:02

Next skinny jeans
Next jumper
The Mumsnet scarf
Ugg boots.
Stud earrings
DKNY perfume smile

freddiefrog Sat 02-Feb-13 12:51:37

H&M skinnies
Pink/blush jumper from New Look
Chestnut Caterpillar Mardy boots

Sugarice Sat 02-Feb-13 13:04:46

River Island khaki jeggings [they're not too tight]
Warehouse maroon silk blouse with a bird pattern.
Karen Cole cardigan.
American Vintage scarf[bought in sale yesterday]
Llama Peach ankle boots. [Christmas present off dh]

DebK2012 Sat 02-Feb-13 13:44:48

Thick black tights,
Green shorts,
Blue t shirt,
Sparkly blue scarf,
Don't know shoes!

sansucre Sat 02-Feb-13 13:50:29

Ha! Was thinking of starting this thread grin
I very much like that you also lounge round in towels, much like I do!

biscuit coloured Chinti and Parker chunky cashmere cardigan, belted with a Whistles navy leather bow belt
Chinti and Parker star print skirt
COS white scalloped collar
COS grey/blue wool tights
white leather converse

Soon to be added -

Max & Co navy coat
lilac suede gloves (bought in Florence)
Paul Smith Mr Rabbit canvas tote

AmberNectarine Sat 02-Feb-13 14:01:02

Right have duly got off my arse:

Grey sweatshirt with lace lobster print on front - Tibi
Black maxi skirt with side split - Helmut Lang
Black opaques - Falke
Black pistol boot - Acne

Planning to add black leather jacket when I leave the house.

sansucre Sat 02-Feb-13 14:05:42

I LOVE (and covet) that sweatshirt of yours Amber!

ALittleLemonTwist Sat 02-Feb-13 14:11:36

Gap pale grey skinnie
Cream heattech vest
Grey leopard print top
Cream chunky aran cardigan knitted by my mum
Topshop pistol a likes
Bra and pants bravissimo
Gap socks

ALittleLemonTwist Sat 02-Feb-13 14:12:41

Skinnies obvz

PestoFrostissimos Sat 02-Feb-13 14:13:46

Ski socks
Rugby shirt

FreePeaceSweet Sat 02-Feb-13 14:15:01

A vintage Dirty Dancing top (from Evans about 6 years ago)
A pair of black pj bottoms with a white bow design (dd insists the bows are scissors)
A grey pair of short Uggs.

I look great.

Fluffydressinggown Sat 02-Feb-13 14:17:07

New Look dark blue skinnies
Cream lace 3/4 top with buttons down the back from H&M
Primary maroon long sleeved top underneath
No shoes, I am inside.

shockers Sat 02-Feb-13 14:24:38

A pair of old, blue Gul jeans.
Gap vest top (white).
Stripy Joules hooded sweatshirt (pink/white/turquoise).
Joules welly socks (pink/purple/turquoise).

I've just come in from watching DS2 do cross country, the whole ensemble included a pair of Muckboots, a three quarter length, navy Seasalt coat with a spotty scarf and a small ginger dog grin.

libertychick Sat 02-Feb-13 14:41:18

Monsoon grey velvet skinnies
Gap white vest
Oasis denim shirt
Lots of silver jewellery
Caterpillar studded biker boots

Hair is a mess - I am about 3 weeks overdue a cut and colour!!

noviceoftheday Sat 02-Feb-13 15:09:22

Hi AmberNectarine! Can I ask about the sizing of your Helmut Lang top? There is a top i have seen that I really like. Is a size s equivalent to an 8 or a 10? Thanks!

AmberNectarine Sat 02-Feb-13 15:18:15

Hi novice - it's actually a HL skirt I'm wearing, which is an S, and I am an 8-10. Historically I've always been an S in dresses and tops too.

Khaki skinnies - Topshop
Long black jumper with tan sleeves - M&S Autograph
Tan heeled ankle boots - Dune
Chocolate biker jacket - Oasis
Snakeprint scarf - M&S
Tan camera bag - Hobbs
Gold cuff - Cos

noviceoftheday Sat 02-Feb-13 15:27:57

Thanks Amber. So, I am an 8 on top and a 6-8 on bottom. For the top I am looking at, would that mean I could get an S? The website sort of implies that XS is a an 8 and they have run out of xs

Ashoething Sat 02-Feb-13 15:59:41

I was wearing-a 40's style dress from with grey cardigan with pearl buttons-dotty p' and cream scarf-zara.cream patent mary janes-kurt geiger.was at a funeral hence all the black.

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