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what bra size am I?

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FauxFox Mon 29-Oct-12 08:40:31

Underbust is 32" across the fullest bit is 40" I am wearing 32E but i've changed my pill and they feel a bit tight now so i'm wondering if I need a new size hmm

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 08:43:03

Ooh, ooh, new bra thread <rubs hands together gleefully>.

Try a 32FF and maybe a 32G depending on the style. For example you may need a bigger cup in a plunge style.

FauxFox Mon 29-Oct-12 08:46:48

grin thanks sorrel I feared as much! May have to wait until after half term though - bra shopping with 7 y.o. NOT fun!

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 09:10:40

Yes, might be best to do a major trying on session with a 7 yr old! wink

BinAndScones Mon 29-Oct-12 09:59:20

Hijack- when you measure the fullest part of the bust, should you have a bra on?
If I return with my measurements would someone mind sizing me please?

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 10:28:14

I usually say to take the across bust measurement whilst wearing your best fitting bra (preferably an unpadded one although slight padding shouldn't make too much of a difference). If you think that your bras are fitting so badly that you'll get a distorted measurement, then measure without a bra, but lean forward so that your boobs are hanging towards the floor (attractive!). The cup size is always harder to get right by measuring than the band size.

Post your measurements and I'll happily give you a starting point for trying on.

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 10:28:36

Oops, without a 7 yr old!

Pseudonymity Mon 29-Oct-12 10:38:42

Oooh, mine are: underbust 30.5-31 and around bust 37-38 (it varies unfortunately). They don't look big!

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 10:42:25

Pseudonymity For trying on purposed, I'd start with a 30F/30FF or a 32E/32F. However, I'd put money on a 30 back being a better fit for you.

Honestly, D+ isn't big. An F is only a 7" difference between your two measurements. I'm a 30G and don't look that big at all (perky yes but not mahoosive!).

Pseudonymity Mon 29-Oct-12 10:51:20

Thanks! Will try the 30 back sizes. Have bra back sizes got bigger over the years? I used to have a 32 from M&S and it was unbearably tight, I weighed quite a lot less then too.

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 10:52:35

No they haven't got bigger. Your 32 from M&S was probably too small in the cup which leads to the band feeling too tight. Bras are funny things!

CajaDeLaMemoria Mon 29-Oct-12 11:35:39

Odd question but no-one seems to know and you all seem knowledgeable!

I took a friend's daughter bra shopping at the weekend because she was too embarrassed to go with her mum. A doctor had previously mentioned to the friend that her daughter had assymetric breasts (I'm pretty sure that's what he said!) so with no bra and top on, they look quite flat, but as soon as there is support on the outer side they are quite big. We tried M&S, Bravissimo, John Lewis, Debenhams...all looked at her and thought small B cup, but she fell out of the cups so easily.

We got her a 34D, because that seemed to be comfortable-ish and with everyone saying B cup it was hard enough to get her a D cup as it was, but friend mentioned she's been falling out of the cups all weekend. Her nipples sit very close to the top so she only needs to move her arms and they fall out. Too small again? She's quite upset at the moment, and is now convinced she needs a boob job.

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 11:51:31

Ok, it sounds to me as if she's in totally the wrong size! I would guess she needs to go down in the back and up in the cup. How old is she? If she's a young teen then I would be very surprised if she measures 34 under her bust. My 13 year old size 6/8 niece who has no boobs to speak of, wears a 28DD! This is what she needs to do:

OK, here goes. Measure under her bust (hold the tape tight) to get her band measurement. Do not add on any inches. Then measure across the fullest part of her bust. Each 1" of difference between the two measurements equals a cup size.

So, if, say she measures 30" underneath and 35" across? That would give her a starting point of 30DD.

The best way I've found to test the band size is to put the bra (in the example above a 30 back) on back to front. If she can breathe but if feels tight and sheu can only fit two fingers underneath the wire at the front, then that's the correct band size. If it's so tight it's unbearable then she need's to go up a band size.

Once she's got the back sorted, it's time to get the cup right. The cup will differ much more between brands and styles than the back (IMHO). She needs to turn the bra round the correct way, lean forward and using her hands, scoop all her breast tissue into the cups (making sure she get all the flesh from round her back and under her arms in). Then she should put the shoulder stup and adjust as necessary (not too tight as it's the back that should be doing most of the supporting work). If for example, she's started with a 30DD, she will probably find that after scooping, she has some bulging over the cup and quadraboob going on! This means yshe need to go up one or more cup sizes. Keep going up through the cup sizes until all her breast tissue is firmly in place.

A D+ is not big! I do not know anyone (young or old) in my friends/family circle who is smaller than a DD.

Most people's boobs are different sizes. Best to fit the larger one and then use padding/chicken fillets to pad out the smaller cup if needed. Ewa Michalak makes bras with removable pads to help with exactly this issue.

AgathaFusty Mon 29-Oct-12 15:11:21

Sorrel - that was really interesting.

CajaDeLaMemoria Mon 29-Oct-12 15:17:51

Sorrel - thank you so much. I'll talk to her in an hour or so, so we'll go through that then and see if we can get her in a bra that fits smile

I wish you had been around on Friday night! None on the bra fitters we saw knew what to do, and made it very obvious that she was "different", so it was a bit of a nightmare. I should have asked on here first smile

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 16:12:32

There are many great fitters out there but oh dear, oh dear, there are some shop assistants who really do not know what they are doing. I'm lucky that my local Debenhams has at least two ladies that know their stuff.

In the end, we are all 'different' and it makes me angry that anyone would have made your friend's daughter feel so uncomfortable about something that is completely normal. Basically, they couldn't fit her because they didn't know how to do it properly. Grrrrrr.

BinAndScones Mon 29-Oct-12 16:31:49

Wow Sorrel you are so knowledgable in this field!
Ok my measurements are 29" below bust and 37" across the fullest bit in my best fitting bra.
Does this mean I should be in a 30E? I'm currently in a 34DD (bit loose, have lost weight)
Thanks in advance for any guidance smile

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 16:46:21

blush. Just a very enthusiastic amateur who picked up some info years ago when working for John Lewis and spends far too long talking to fitters in places like Rigby and Peller, Bravissimo and any independent shop within a 50 mile radius!

Bin I'd try a 28FF, a 28G and a 30F. I suspect that the 28" back will be a better fit for you (I measure 30.5/31" and wear a 30" as I find a 32" too loose) but be aware that the tightness takes a bit of getting used to after wearing a loose back.

whistlestopcafe Mon 29-Oct-12 17:28:57

I'm exactly the same measurements as you and I just ordered a couple of 32GG or 32G (can't remember exactly). The cup size is ok but the back is very tight, I'm fastening them on the loosest clasp but they are still really quite painful. I think a 34FF would be a better fit.

TomsBentPinky Mon 29-Oct-12 17:33:53

Im 35 under bust and 42 bust. what should i be wearing?

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 17:44:32

whistlestopcafe If you measure 29 underbust then it would be very odd if you needed anything bigger than a 30. If a 32 is too tight then I would bet £100s that you need to try a 30 in an even bigger cup. I would suggest a 30H or perhaps a 30GG in a different style/brand.

You should always fasten a new bra on the loosest hooks.

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 17:46:10

Toms Start with a 34F/FF or a 36E. I suspect the 34FF might be the best fit but if differs so much between styles and brands.

BinAndScones Mon 29-Oct-12 22:05:42

Thanks so much Sorrel smile I am quite excited to try some new bra sizes out now! I might even get a chance tomorrow, if I do I'll be sure to report back. So helpful to have someone like yourself on here to advise thanks

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Oct-12 22:15:07

You're very welcome smile. I hope you have a succesful trying on session tomorrow. Try not to get too downhearted if you can't find anything that is absolutely perfect. You may have to venture further afield! A good tip is to take a tight fitting top with you (a stretchy white tshirt is ideal) so you can see the shape that the bra gives you under clothing. Bear in mind that some makes are stretchier in the band than others too and that a too small cup will totally skew the way the band feels.

Finally, be brave with those cup sizes. I went from a DD to a G in one shopping session. I was in shock by the end but it was worth it. Make sure you get the back right and everything else should follow.

I'm boring myself now...

BinAndScones Mon 29-Oct-12 22:39:31

Haha, no Sorrel it's all very interesting, honest.
I actually thought I was quite good at judging my size. before I lost any weight I was measured a couple of times in Rigby & Pellar and wore a 34F so I'm no stranger to the larger cup sizes, i think i just lost my way a bit with the weight loss. It never occured to me until today to measure myself, very shocked at the 29" result!
It's something that sooooo many women get so wrong, you should produce some kind of public self-help guide to bra fitting!

Actually my friend, who unfortunately lives many miles away, also has your enthusiasm for the subject. Her's was fuelled by many years in the retail world shocking women by telling them what size bra they should really be wearing! It was from her that I learned the invaluable "bend forward and scoop your boobs in first" technique to putting my bra on!

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