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4 letter words tattooed across your fingers

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Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:27:49

Yes or no?

My 20 year old daughter has just had it done, I am very very very sad about it.

I am not anti tattoos, she has a few others but across your fingers, a letter on each?

Surely there are times when you just need to cover up your tattoos, so is collar and cuff a golden tattoo rule? Or should it be?

shrimponastick Fri 06-Jul-12 17:28:59

what does it say???

AnnieLobeseder Fri 06-Jul-12 17:30:42

I love good tattoos, which are works of art. Words are not art (not visual art, anyway). Names of children or lovers are not art. Words on fingers are just awful and while I am tattooed myself, I would pass immediate judgement on anyone with knuckle tattoos, and it wouldn't be a good judgement.

Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:31:48

Stay true

Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:33:02

Its not even like she is heavily tattooed, so has that sort of 'look' sigh

Frontpaw Fri 06-Jul-12 17:36:46

Is it permanent or the ones that come off after a few years?

Our undertaker had Love and Hate on his. Definately added a bit of 'je ne sais pas' to my dad's funeral, although he would have hooted if he'd seen it (said undertaker also had a tear in the seat of his trousers, god knows where the Co Op dug him up from.

Maybe there will be a Mumsnet trend of AIBU on the knuckles...

ILovePonyo Fri 06-Jul-12 17:36:48

I have a heart on my ring finger, and quite a few others that can be covered up, but I'd be sad too if I were you. Unless she is thinking of a career as a tattoo artist there's not really a lot of jobs where she doesn't run the risk of being 'judged' at say interview stage for having knuckle tattoos.

It seems (in my v humble opinion anyway) that the new trend seems to be for visible tattoos, 10 years ago even tattoo apprentices had non visible tattoos done first then hands, necks etc when they were more established.

Tiago Fri 06-Jul-12 17:36:49

I'm with Annie - words on fingers are horrible. Totally different to good artwork (which can be amazing/a thing of true beauty).

Also - tattoos on hands/necks/faces just shouldn't be done. You end up barred from so many jobs.

dexter73 Fri 06-Jul-12 17:37:03

What does that even mean?

ILovePonyo Fri 06-Jul-12 17:37:52

Sorry "I'd be sad if I were you" sounds a bit mean, didn't mean it like that.

Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:39:28

Think it means stay true to yourself, maybe? Dont know, its permanent though, and not even been done to the best standard

lisaro Fri 06-Jul-12 17:39:47

God no! I don't mind tattoos but those remind me of, as someone said, the old love and hate and ACAB ones. I'd've gutted if one of my children did this. sad

Frontpaw Fri 06-Jul-12 17:42:50

It can't possibly be as bad as any of these...

Tiago Fri 06-Jul-12 17:43:28

Well, there's always laser removal if she saves up for it.

Sorry OP. It sucks, but she's done it and will have to deal sad

Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:43:30

So I myself, am not being over the top in feeling a bit upset about this?

EdithWeston Fri 06-Jul-12 17:45:20

I think tattoos on face, neck and hands look dreadful (with the possible exception of tattooed wedding rings or tiny ones which can be hidden under a ring).

And I think it may be a disadvantage in life (no equality laws protect you on being rejected because of appearance/suitability on this one). Even the Armed Forces are iffy about highly visible tattoos.

So I can see why you are sad about this, OP, but as you know there is nothing you can do. Would [chocolate] or wine help?

akaemmafrost Fri 06-Jul-12 17:47:06

No, awful, just awful.

You are not being over the top being upset about it.

I would be devastated in one of my perfect children did this to themselves. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

SparkyTGD Fri 06-Jul-12 17:47:47

I'd be very concerned about her work prospects. What does she do?

If she has a job in arts for example then it probably isn't such a big deal but if its going to be a real barrier to work I'd be very angry that she would be so stupid.

akaemmafrost Fri 06-Jul-12 17:47:51

Sorry, I am probably not making you feel any better.

Are they small? Hopefully she will come to her senses and it won't be too difficult to get them removed.

AlmostAHipster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:48:26

I adore (good) tattoos but I'd be devastated if one of my kids did this. IMO you should keep tats away from public skin until you've made a million in your chosen career - then you can do what you want because you're judged on your talent rather than your appearance.

What a silly girl! I'd be researching tattoo removal immediately.

Bunbaker Fri 06-Jul-12 17:49:23

I am prepared to be flamed over this, but I associate the tattooed words across the fingers thing as a really unclassy and (whispers) chavvy thing to do. I admit that it makes me sound very judgemental. And, just words is rather boring anyway.

I am not a fan of tattoos, but I love the one a work colleague has on the inside of her wrist, and she can cover it up if she needs to.

Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 17:55:49

She is un-employed....

I even said to her, have it stencilled on, and live with it for a while. I even said it would look nice up the inside of her lower arm, but she wouldnt have it.

I have one tattoo, its 25 years old, and it really doesn't look great now, very smudged. I dont regret it, but know how people change over the years.

Bunbaker Fri 06-Jul-12 17:58:56

I work in an office. I know that if someone came in for an interview with words tattooed across their fingers it will count against them (given that all things equal). And, they wouldn't even get a look in in a customer facing role, not in the kind of business I am in. Sorry.

I don't agree with that, but that is how the modern world works.

Divster Fri 06-Jul-12 18:01:02 like this but shaded pink

NorbertDentressangle Fri 06-Jul-12 18:01:52

Looking for a positive slant on it least she didn't get ARSE and FACE tattooed.

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