I need a bag that will carry 2 A4 ring binders but still look stylish, but only have about £40 in my budget

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WilhelminaHarker Wed 27-Jun-12 22:31:10

I've started a new job and will be carting around two A4 ring binders everywhere I go from now on. I have them in a little canvas shopper bag at th moment but it means that I look so scruffy when I arrive anywhere.

What could I get that would look stylish, be big enough and not break the bank? I realise that whilst I dream of leather I am, alas, destined for pleather sad

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Bettyboo2820 Wed 27-Jun-12 22:38:19

Hi, i had the same dilema - solved by tkmaxx!! (take an a4 folder when you go!)

gatheringlilac Wed 27-Jun-12 22:42:11

I was going to suggest T K Maxx too.

And you'll get leather, too.

Though they do a good range of pleather. My sister is a firm vegetarian and they have the best range of pleather I've come across.

WilhelminaHarker Wed 27-Jun-12 22:42:41

God, that's inspired! I would never have thought to take the binders with me. Seems very obvious now!

Was thinking of something like this from ebay but they are all from China so would take ages to get here and it might be awful quality. Love the style though.

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gatheringlilac Wed 27-Jun-12 22:48:35

My bag's not on the website, but I bought something a bit like this www.abaco-paris.com/abaco.swf and large enough for laptop and file, for £35 about a month ago.

From T K Maxx - I don't think my frugal little heart could take the shock of spending enormous amounts on a bag. <muses> Though I think I'd like to have the income to find out.

I am very fond of my bag.

ElizaDoMore Wed 27-Jun-12 22:56:31

Wilhelmina, I have that bag. Got it on eBay but from a UK seller. Will check name. It's fab!

gatheringlilac Wed 27-Jun-12 23:00:37

Wow. That is cheap! And looks much like the ... thingy ... one. <wrinkles brow as to who it's an homage to ...>

Sorry earlier link doesn't work. Basically, it was a leather tote. But not as cheap as your one! You definitely are Buffy the Bargain Slayer. Or Wilhelmina the ... <grinds to a wittering halt>

ElizaDoMore Wed 27-Jun-12 23:01:24

Think they're called b2b.surepromise wink

WilhelminaHarker Wed 27-Jun-12 23:01:44

Ooooo Eliza, yes please if you can tell me where you got it that would be great. Haven't found any from a UK seller and can't afford the Zara one.

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WilhelminaHarker Wed 27-Jun-12 23:03:03

X posts Eliza. I'm googling ASAP to see if they have it. Back in a minute.

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WilhelminaHarker Wed 27-Jun-12 23:05:01

Is this it Eliza here?

Is the quality of it ok? Did you get it in tan?

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ElizaDoMore Wed 27-Jun-12 23:28:07

Yes! Got the tan.

WilhelminaHarker Wed 27-Jun-12 23:30:51

Hmmm, might go for it then. Maybe I'll go to TK Maxx tomorrow and then decide after that.

Do you think it would stand up to having heavy binders in it. They have mostly good feedback on them. It doesn't have a shoulder strap does it? Are the handle long enough that you could sling it over your shoulder if you really had to or is it too short?

Sorry for all the questions!

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FYP Thu 28-Jun-12 00:16:36

I've got one of these, as recommended on here

leather satchel

Large with square corners. £40, tis beautiful smile

WilhelminaHarker Thu 28-Jun-12 00:40:04

Tempted by this

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WilhelminaHarker Thu 28-Jun-12 00:41:58

Like that one FYP, is it wide enough to fit 2 binders do you think? I think it said it was 8cm wide which I don't know would be enough.

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FYP Thu 28-Jun-12 00:53:28

Yes Im sure of it. I used it at uni last year, it has three slots inside. Tomorrow I'll have a go and see if I can fit two in if you like?

WilhelminaHarker Thu 28-Jun-12 00:56:09

Thanks, if you can that'd be great but I might not be able to get back on MN tomorrow so don't worry, if you think it'd fit thats great. I could always return it if it wasn't big enough (God love the distance selling act wink )

I'm compiling a short list, just wish I was more decisive!

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TheFallenMadonna Thu 28-Jun-12 07:26:31

I got a leather tote in the sale at Banana Republic for £39. Easily big enough for a couple (or more) folders.

Can't link as am on phone, sorry. But I got it online.

ElizaDoMore Thu 28-Jun-12 08:32:20

My eBay bag isn't that robust, tbh. It does have a strap but the attachment is flimsy. I'd check out TK Maxx. Also, have you seen this?

ElizaDoMore Thu 28-Jun-12 11:13:48

I like this

Lastyearsmodel Thu 28-Jun-12 11:20:41

Sorry to hijack your v useful thread, OP... TheFallenMadonna Was yours the Lucia Lizard? Is it leather? And is the colour they call 'new orange' actually tan?

TheFallenMadonna Thu 28-Jun-12 22:25:25

Sorry no. Leather market tote.

daimbardiva Sun 01-Jul-12 09:56:48

That veenu bag looks amazingly good value...very tempted! That aside, I've had some good bargain leather bags from Clarks over the years. They've a sale on just now, may be worth a look

trixymalixy Sun 01-Jul-12 18:19:17

I have this. It can easily fit a laptop and loads of paperwork in.

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