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Dress for evening wedding reception - honest opinions please!

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littlecupcake Fri 22-Jun-12 11:29:45

I love reading your advice about clothes and accessories for special occasions, now I've got an invitation to an evening wedding reception and hope you can help me, too!

I'm 34, 5'5" and just under 9 stone. Usually wear a big 8 or a small 10. I have a decent cleavage (with the right bra!), quite wide hips, and the classic 'mum tum'. If it's any help, I've had my colours done recently and am a 'winter'.

So.... I have a couple of dresses and I'm wondering if you can give me a yay or nay, and any ideas for accessories to make them feel more 'weddingy'? (got this in bright red, looks great on, but I don't think it's glamorous enough for a wedding, but hubby disagrees - who's right?)!!,4,shop,catgwomens,womens-tailoring (feel amazingly slim in this, but is it too 'worky'? Might I be able to jazz it up with accessories?).

I love the idea of an infinity dress like this and have found instructions to make one, but I'm running out of time, and would need to order fabric ASAP. Worried it might look home made though.

Money's pretty tight at the moment, so I'm on a bit of a shoestring budget. Can I accessorise something I've already got (have got about £40 Accessorize vouchers I could use) or can anyone suggest something lovely that's not too pricey (and not too short either!)??

You ladies are superstars, looking forward to your ideas!

HuwEdwards Fri 22-Jun-12 11:35:19

Love the Dorothy Perkins one, colour is lovely and very flattering style.

Second one looks more like a work dress and the third one is just too fiddly - can imagine that you'd be adjusting it all through the evening.

trikken Fri 22-Jun-12 11:48:36

like the DP one. with pretty earrings and a necklace it would be fine for a wedding.

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 12:14:28

I prefer the style of the DP one. But I do understand what you are saying. You want something a little fancier?

Have you tried the hosue of fraser sale?

Or even the house of fraser ebay outlet for dresses? They have a quite a few there.

I like the first one. The second one resembles and sack and the last one looks like too much hard work. I bought a similar summer one and never got the hang of it!

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 12:33:46

The DP one is the best of the two you linked to IMO - but indeed rather plain for a wedding. BHS (of all people) do a some infinity dresses in great colours for a 'winter' in their bridesmaid collection but TBH they don;'t look at all bridesmaidy to me. 70 quid though so probably more than you want to pay.

Do you have shoes / bags that you might be able to use?

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 12:35:03

I'm always linking to this because it's so beautiful and such a bargain. No one else seems to like it though!

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 12:36:23

sorry BHS link again

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 12:37:27

Right - it wont link properly to searched terms. Search 'Twist and Wrap dress' and they'll come up...

Sorry Prictast - I dont like that dress, the sleeves are too puffy for me! Looks a bit puffy, I prefer something a bit plainer.

Procrast I meant!

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 12:41:42

Ah BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack didn't realise you were the OP. Always handy to mention when you namechange 1/2 way through a thread not that I ever remember to mention it myself

shrimponastick Fri 22-Jun-12 12:43:03

I think the DP dress will be fine.

Get some nice jewellery to go with it -and you are set to go.

A bold necklace will fit the low V neck nicely. You don't have to spend a lot. Infact, look in BHS they often have a good range.

What shoes are you wearing?

littlecupcake Fri 22-Jun-12 12:49:20

Wow, loads of responses - thanks ladies!

Looks like the Dotty P dress is the favourite - I've got the red dress (still with the tags on, waiting for some decent weather so I can wear it) but am preferring the purple colour I linked to. Do you think sparkly silver accessories would liven it up a bit? Might pop into town nice I've dropped little one off at nursery and see if I can swap my red one for a purple one!

Huwedwards - you might be right, I could end up fiddling with it a lot! Thanks for the link procrastinationatemymorning - i didn't know BHS did them, perhaps I could try one on before I make up my mind. Not keen on the Ghost dress though, sorry! Bit too shiny for me.

UML - I found this in House of Fraser which I like, but again, not sure how to accessorise for a wedding.,default,pd.html

How do I find the H of F eBay outlet? Searched but nothing comes up.

Thanks everyone smile

littlecupcake Fri 22-Jun-12 12:50:47

Not sure re shoes. Something silver maybe? Have some nude heels, but not very dressy. Suggestions welcome (and for jewellery, to - am useless really)!

Nope not me, just sticking my oar in grin

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 12:58:33

DP do these very nice, slightly vintagey silver sandals for a bargain price. Quite a low heel though.

formerdiva Fri 22-Jun-12 13:11:52

Procrastination - I love those BHS infinity dresses! Thanks for the link (now where's my credit card...)

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 14:31:11

Here is the HOF outlet on ebay

Just put in what you are looking for, your size, and budget smile

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 14:47:35

Another dress for you to consider, not sure about colour though?

ProcrastinationAteMyMorning Fri 22-Jun-12 14:48:39

Nice UML - IIRC they've got somethign similar in a pink and maybe another colour too (blue?)

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 14:50:21

Size 10 from TK maxx

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 14:55:35

Better link

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 14:58:24

Dont know if you like this style?

UML Fri 22-Jun-12 15:07:01

If you are already happy in the dress, and it looks great on (the red/purple DP), maybe you could just get shoes and jewellery (if you want to budget)

Some more silver strappy heels - you didnt mention what kind of shoes you are into?

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