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Birkenstocks -what does N and M mean in the sizes?

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NorbertDentressangle Tue 17-Apr-12 20:52:35

For example do I need a 39N or 39M?

I'm presuming they are width fittings but what do they mean ..... narrow/normal/wide?

I've tried their website but even that doesn't explain

noyouhavehadawee Tue 17-Apr-12 20:59:41

nadies and men confused

NorbertDentressangle Tue 17-Apr-12 21:06:24

It is confused.

I can't find a definitive answer from googling either.

Don't they know that I'm trying to spend money here?!

noyouhavehadawee Tue 17-Apr-12 21:09:58

i bought some last week and they are just a 39 - no lettering.....

NorbertDentressangle Tue 17-Apr-12 21:18:54

I know, I dug out a pair I already have and they don't have a letter.

I'm trying to order them on Amazon.

RedwingWinter Tue 17-Apr-12 21:20:52

I would guess that M means medium ie. normal, and N means narrow i.e AA fitting.

RedwingWinter Tue 17-Apr-12 21:23:17

Oh if it's Amazon then definitely that. I just ordered myself some N fitting shoes from there.

NorbertDentressangle Tue 17-Apr-12 21:37:13

Thanks Redwing.

Looks like you're right. I thought 'sod it' and just went for it in the M size in the end presuming it meant medium and then, right on the last page as you go through your order and are about to click 'place order' the description by the tiny photo gives you the colour, size details etc and it said size 39 Regular.

Why the hell can it not say that somewhere else on the website?!

RedwingWinter Tue 17-Apr-12 21:48:48

They don't make it easy do they!

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 18-Apr-12 10:14:27

N is narrow. Would guess M is medium? confused

Mine are M and just normal. I don't have giant clodhoppers or anything, so the N fitting must be v narrow!

chimchar Wed 18-Apr-12 10:28:35

if you can see the picture of the footbed, look at the little foot shaped print by the size...where your heel would go. coloured in is narrow and just an outline of a foot is wide.

wide ones are nicely wide, narrow are more of a regular fitting i would say...but don't hold me to that!



not sure if this helps at all!

NorbertDentressangle Wed 18-Apr-12 11:58:25

Chimchar -I went for the M (medium/regular/whatever) so I'll let you know when they turn up.

I read somewhere about the little foot logo being coloured in or not but when I looked at the pair I've got you couldn't really tell -the way they had got dirty worn meant that it wasn't clear. I suspect they might be narrow though as they are a snug fit and my feet are by no means wide.

gypsyfloss Wed 18-Apr-12 12:52:57

I've just looked at mine and the coloured in foot shape is narrow ( N when you're buying) and the uncoloured foot shape is Regular ( or M ).

I bought 39N ; not knowing about the width thing at all- I thought it referred to men's and women's rather than narrow and normal blush

Blackduck Wed 18-Apr-12 17:16:16

Norbs haven' seen you in an age! (N is narrow and is normal IMO - fits me)...BTW STILL trying to do that move and was very close in March, but lost the house (gahhhhh)

NorbertDentressangle Wed 18-Apr-12 18:20:07

Blackduck! Hi there.

I've still been around, had a different name for a while but missed this one so changed back the other day.

Shame the move didn't come off -where was the house and what happened? (message me !)

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