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what do 36 year old women wear?

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smellyfeet Wed 04-Apr-12 13:27:37

I haven't bought any clothes for ages (apart from jeans), my work trousers are older than my nephew (he is 8).

The men at work go clothes shopping more than me!

I have lost a bit of weight as well so some stuff now is baggy on me.

Inspiration for non-work, and work clothes please!

I am 5ft 2in, weigh 59kg, struggle with heels.

shutterbabe Wed 04-Apr-12 13:29:35

I'm not this helps, but I'm 36 and live in jeans. Jumpers for winter, tshirts for summer. and all from topshop!

OneLittleBabyTerror Wed 04-Apr-12 13:40:28

I'm also 36, I struggle with heals and I'm 5'3 (but weigh 45kg, size 6/8).

I assume you are asking about spring/summer.

For non-work, I struggle with shoes more than clothes. Everything I see in fashion mags are not practical. I can't do ballet pumps and I can't do heals. I therefore live on rubber sole shoes, mainly from clarks. (Something like this). It's easier with jeans as I just wear them with converse high tops or sketchers. I like dresses worn with a cardigan. Otherwise, it's pretty tops worn with skirt or jeans. I usually shop in topshop and h&m.

For work, we have a casual dress code. So it's the same pretty tops paired with trousers. But with heals as it's the only time I get to wear them. I'm planted in front of a computer at work so there's no walking really.

OneLittleBabyTerror Wed 04-Apr-12 13:41:13

Have you tried online shopping? I can't stand taking my 1yo to town now, so browsing clothes online is great!

mrsebojones Wed 04-Apr-12 13:46:41

I'm 35. 5ft. currently around 49kg.
My wardrobe includes:
dark rinse skinny jeans, blue 70s style wide leg jeans, skinny slouch jeans
t-shirts, bretons, pretty blouses
jersey dresses, tea dresses
Cardigan and jumpers
lots of scarves and belts
ballet pumps, ankle boots, wedges and heels
trench coat, duvet style coat, quilted jacket

I tend to stick to neutrals and navy with other shades of blue and green so I can mix and match well.

Letchladeee Wed 04-Apr-12 13:55:31

What body shape are you...?

I'm the same age with an 8 year old Dd and this year also came to the realisation that I was stuck in a rut with my clothes and that many of them are older than her. She just seems to suck all my money out of me grin.

Anyway, I'm an hourglass - narrow waist, thin legs but big boobs and a big tummy, so I've started experimenting a bit with clothes. I'm now wearing lots of A line skirts (went on a Boden spending spree earlier this year) and simple round or v neck tops. At the weekend, I match up these tops with jeans instead. I still wear flares - too fat for skinnies!

Letchladeee Wed 04-Apr-12 13:56:15

I've also discovered the delights on online shopping - Its fan grin

Letchladeee Wed 04-Apr-12 13:56:25

Fab even!

Magrathea Wed 04-Apr-12 14:04:56

I'm in the same boat as the OP, 37, about the same height and weight but I have the added curse of boobs 34E and a bit of a tum.

I my wardrobe is starting to look very old and threadbare due to mostly having no money for well, years, and having developed a pathological hatred of clothes shopping due to looking a right state in anything I try on and not fitting properly on boobs, hips tum, length (delete as appropriate). One of those yummy mummy clothes catalogues fell through the door the other week which had a great set of clothes in for all those yummies who are 5'7" and size 10 with long flowing hair, unlimited budget and perfect children. I thought briefly "hmm thats nice, maybe..just maybe.." then fell about laughing and put it in the bin.

Really, someone give me some hope that I'm not doomed to my existing wardrobe and I wont be wheeled to the old people's home in my 15 year old stretchy long black skirt and black jumper (which I am wearing now).

feedthegoat Wed 04-Apr-12 14:05:13

I'm 36, Sft 2in and a size 14.

My work wardrobe is pretty non descript trousers, skirts and tops.

Out of work I live in leggings, tunics and dresses with biker boots. I pretty much have to have the boots surgically removed in hot weather when I relent and swap for ballet pumps or flip flops. I like brands such as yumi, pussycat loves london etc for dresses. I get mine from the local house of fraser outlet but same ones as in newlook and topshop. I'm afraid I don't really do expensive or sophisticated if I can avoid it, I prefer that slightly more quirky/vintage style look.

StyleGuile Wed 04-Apr-12 15:42:54

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Yama Wed 04-Apr-12 16:00:02

I'm 36, 5ft 6in and don't know my weight but have recently accepted that I'm more a size 12 than a 10.

What do I wear? Smart for work, jeans and converse otherwise. I have a few jearsey dresses, cord/denim short skirts with boots (have several flat pairs and one chunky heeled).

In summer, I have a few pairs of Fly London sandals. I like long floaty skirts.

Online, I like Yumi

That was rambled.

smellyfeet Wed 04-Apr-12 16:13:45

Bought Grazia today, will look at your blog styleguide.

I also booked myself in for a John Lewis fashion advisor which I am quite excited about!

What kind of t-shirts do people wear? Mine a no pattern, in neutral colours. I have a couple of striped ones with 3/4 length sleeves as well.

I have quite a few pairs of pumps and converse, and flip flops when really hot.

jumpyjan Wed 04-Apr-12 16:15:44

I am 34, 5'5 and size 12. I try and go for classic styles and neutral tones. I can only comment on my autumn winter warderobe as am massively struggling with summer clothes and apart from the£1.99 h and m dress which is on its way I have none.

For autumn/ winter
Riding boots, ballet pumps, converse
Indigo skinny jeans, dark blue gap jeans, black skinny trousers and aline denim skirt
3 x gap long sleeve tshirts
chunky cardi and roll neck jumper
knitted dress

All of the above I can mixand match and it works well - I got the advice and shopping list on here grin

MsNorbury Wed 04-Apr-12 16:18:11

Lol. I hate tea dresses. Polyester shite

OneLittleBabyTerror Wed 04-Apr-12 16:59:55

Thanks for the blog suggestions StyleGuile. I need some inspiration grin

DinahMoHum Wed 04-Apr-12 17:02:54

im 35, 5ft 6 and about 8 and a half stone. Hourglass.
I pretty much live in dresses with leggings and boots in the winter with cardigans, and then dresses without leggings or with cropped leggings and sandals in the summer.

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