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daniel field water colour hair dye anyone used?

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javo Wed 23-Nov-11 09:32:32

hi - have had some bad reactions lately to salon dye after many years and want to dye my hair at home with something less toxic. My hair is quite grey and I bough "castings" but the skin patch made me itch after about 10 hours. Found Daniel Field water colour when searching on line - they ahve no ammonia or peroxide etc but last for a shorter time than conventional dye.

has anyone used them - did they get a good result. What are the colours and coverage like (there is no colour chart or descriptions on line)??

Any comments gratefully received - need to do someting soon Thanks

mrsmoscow Wed 23-Nov-11 13:32:33

I've just started to use this. The colours are darker than other brands for example my hair is mid golden brown (5.3) in other brands but in Daniel Field I use 6.3. This is what the company advised- v helpful if you phone them.

Got to say I am happy with end result and the condition of hair

BUT found it a real faff to put on compared to other brands. Last time I put it on with a brush which was slightly better and you need to leave it on greys for about an hour. Then put on the rest of hair to refresh for a shorter time otherwise ends will be too dark

Hope that helps!

javo Wed 23-Nov-11 18:35:10

thanks - it does take a long time at the salon - about 45 minutes and then 5-10 to emulsify the ends -so that's comparable, if more of a faff than 10 minute home ones. Good to know they are darker, Herbatint are the same come out near black but fade to gingery and not in a good way.

thanks again

HouseOfBamboo Wed 23-Nov-11 18:59:51

I have used them and liked them.

They are much less smelly than the ones where you have to mix two liquids together. You just add tap water to the powder and shake, and it's virtually odourless. I didn't find the development time overlong, about 20-25 mins I think.

Re how long they last, I can't say I noticed much difference to the likes of semis like Castings really, but I usually used a very dark colour. I think the lighter ones fade more quickly.

Condition was good afterwards. No downsides really - I also liked the fact that you could use just half the powder to do a root touch up so a pack lasted longer. You can also buy refills more cheaply than a new pack.

It's on sale from two outlets - one is the 'real' Daniel Field and one is someone who bought the rights to his name . The 'real' site claims that the other product isn't as good, but tbh I've used both and can't say I noticed a difference. The website of the .com one is better than the 'real' one, but the customer care at the 'real' one is very good. Does any of that make sense grin

Kahu Wed 23-Nov-11 23:50:13

I've just started using it & am really pleased with the results. My hair is really shiney (it had become really dull using regular box dye) & it hasn't faded to a gingery colour over the grey like other brands. But as others have said the colours do seem dark so go a shade or two lighter that you might expect. The dye is quite runny (my white bathroom walls now have a few splash marks, oops) so I have a feeling root touch ups could be a bit tricky. Worth the extra faff though - good colour (I managed to match my natural dark brown & cover the greys well, great condition, the dye doesn't smell & doesn't give my scalp that horrible burning feeling.

I found the customer care at (the "real" one) really good - they were great at helping me find the right shade over the phone.

Kahu Wed 23-Nov-11 23:54:13

Just saw that you had a problem with allergies with regular hair dye. The Daniel Field stuff does still have PPD in it - apparently all dyes do to a degree. There is some useful reading on the Daniel Field website about it.

slightlycrinkled Thu 24-Nov-11 00:07:05

As it happens, I 've just contacted Daniel Field customer services about the PPD content of their dyes and they have replied:

"Yes Daniel FIeld Natural Colours does contain a small % of PPD. It is less than 2% but nonetheless there.

I hope this is helpful."

Does anyone know what the percentage of PPD is in the L'Oreal products?

Whitecat Thu 24-Nov-11 11:58:59

It will leave your hair in gorgeous condition. It doesn't strip colour out in order to put colour on - which is what most of the semi permanent ones usually do.

The colour build up can happen fast. So do as suggested by mrsmoscow and kahu and try a lighter shade to start.

I used to mix shades when I used it, mixing the bordeaux with a warm brown gave a great reddy brown which never appeared flat. Definitely worth a go.

ogredownstairs Thu 24-Nov-11 12:35:32

I use it to cover grey now but started when I wanted to tone down highlights and improve the condition of my hair - I think it's great. Leaves your hair in really good condition and looks very natural. But the colours do come up really dark! I'd go for a shade or two lighter than you think you need the first time. The helpline ( the 'real' DF) is really helpful. As is the Magic Conditioner, which I always order with my dye.

javo Thu 24-Nov-11 17:48:03

Thanks everyone - great to hear. Slighltycinkled looked at the ingredients list on castings but PPD was not listed as such- probably listed as seperate ingredients and no % foe naything given.

My sister suggested it may be the level of peroxide I have problems with as I have gone from natural very very dark hair that got some greys around age 38 and then the colour of my hair seemed to actually fade until mid 40's it was a grey block streak at front and lots of single grey hairs throughout - I thought the dark dye was too dark for my age and so have been going lighter and blonder.Have had reactions last 2 salon visits and it has had a honey caramel blonde and some lighter balliage streaks in it. I thought lighter shades were better chemical wise as less PPD's but they have more peroxide to open hair shaft and let colour in and lighten.

I want to go brown again though - blondish is just not me.So hopefully the PPD level will be fine (never had a problem with dark dyes in the past which I used for years and dark semis such as Ferria etc)

slightlycrinkled Fri 25-Nov-11 16:59:11

Thanks everyone - that's really useful info

Javo that's interesting about Castings ... thanks for looking.. will investigate further

bit miffed about it all though because love current L'Oreal Excellence that I use ...matches my eyebrows perfectly! Still, better safe than sorry...

allergicmomma Sun 10-May-15 16:24:59

Daniel Field did not work for those suffering from hair dye allergy like me. The colours were fine. Did no have to leave it too long pn the head & the colour stuck on nicely, but it left me with itchings. Not severe like the shampoos with ppd & ammonia. But it still left me itching for days.

Tpzo Sat 17-Oct-15 14:55:31

I am allergic to ppd. I did a patch test and had a reaction to the water colour even though it says ppd free ?? make sure you do patch tests.

Kennington Sat 17-Oct-15 16:40:02

Hair print dye from the US doesn't contain PPD - has anyone tried this?

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