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summer dresses and breastfeeding

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thehappyprince Fri 09-Jul-10 14:45:52

Hi - with holidays looming and weather lovely and hot, I'm craving a couple of nice summer dresses - easy to wear, comfortable and look smart.....but........I'm feeding ds2 and any dresses I have are totally impractical. Does anyone have any recommendations of dresses that are fairly flattering on a 12-14 frame (I am short) where I wouldn't have to unceremoniously hoik a boob out for all to see or get half undressed to feed?

NoseyNooNoo Sun 11-Jul-10 00:05:14

Try Boob and Bara Glad dresses.

I think I bought mine from the everydaymaternity website - so nice I've kept them post-breastfeeding.

TitchyWitch Sun 11-Jul-10 17:41:30

I would second the Boob dresses, they are a bit pricey but I picked up one in a sale and one on ebay so worth keeping a look out for them. I am an 8-10 and had the small size so you would probably be fine in the medium. Search for Boob nursing on ebay as you might get anything if you're not careful!

thehappyprince Sun 11-Jul-10 22:46:25

Great grin - thanks, I will keep an eye on e-bay, I've had a look at the full price boob dresses and they look fab but I am being tight and will try to hold out for e-bay(though I will probably weaken)!
I might try Bara Glad, they look more summery than alot of the nursing dresses I've seen. So tempting to just buy regular dresses but I know I'll regret it when I have to go up to the bedroom every time ds needs fed.

Butterpie Sun 11-Jul-10 23:14:24

I hoik :D

Seriously, get yourself a couple of thoise pashmina/scarf things they sell in shopping centres, 3 for £10, and there you go- discreet breastfeeding.

MrsBadger Sun 11-Jul-10 23:18:43

I scoured the shops for ones that unbutton - have only got 3 but wear them a lot
blouses and skirts also good, also ofetn cooler to have airflow round waist in this heat

PrincyWilliam Fri 13-May-16 07:40:47

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