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So, can anyone help me with a new smart casual work wardrobe?

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WideWebWitch Wed 17-Aug-05 21:04:40

I've recently started a new contract and while I have a few suits which are ok, I'm working somewhere where the dress code is smart casual - i.e. the men are in decent shirts all with cuff links but no jackets or ties, women in trousers/smart tops/trendy not-quite-a suit combos. I have NO IDEA where to start, any ideas? I can get to a John Lewis. I'm too fat for my liking (but can shop in normal shops) but don't give me any of that trendy stuff, I'm too old for high fashion, a la gypsy skirts (I know, they're nearly gone but ykwim) type stuff. Any advice? Pre dd I'd have gone for wide legged black trousers/smart shirts but I can't face my legs in trousers until I've lost more weight. TIA.

Tinker Wed 17-Aug-05 23:33:45

Boring and ubiquitous but Next?

mancmum Wed 17-Aug-05 23:38:35

I would for a couple of nice wrap dresses from M+S and a couple of smart jackets.. I have fat legs and hate trousers and find wrap dresses and boots look very smart and flattering...

Also try long smart skirts from monsoon and per una with a knitted top -- no real need for suits and you can wear this stuff out of work with different jewellry etc

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