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Gold jewellery

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monkeysmama Fri 02-Jul-10 09:07:40

It is my birthday next month and I think I'd like a gold necklace.

Where I grew up is the land of gold clowns on belcher chains and it put me off gold for a long time. I want something pretty but not too delicate.

I've had a look in a few places but am not sure where to look for nicer gold jewellery. It'll be a present from my sisters so don't want them to spend a fortune.


moragbellingham Fri 02-Jul-10 09:16:27

Dinny Hall?
Very pretty stuff. Do you have lots of sisters though?

MmeLindt Fri 02-Jul-10 09:20:27

Monica Vinader is my favourite at the moment. Her rings are lovely, particularly the stacking rings.

I have the Candy rings and am often asked where I bought them.

dirtgirlworld Fri 02-Jul-10 12:28:35

go for clogau, its beautiful.I got a bracelet last year cost £150, its now worth 280!its the only gold i know to shoot up in value sooo much.

FGM Fri 02-Jul-10 14:41:47

Hi monkeysmama I have this sun pendant and I frequently get complimented on it. It's very fine and delicate and pretty with most things. My first <but not last> gold item.

Gold has rocketed in price- it cost ~£450 2 years ago!

FGM Fri 02-Jul-10 14:43:15

Oh, sorry didn't look at your budget- there are lots of things on that site that are more affordable!

mistressploppy Fri 02-Jul-10 14:46:18

Where are you, OP? Swag do lovely things if you're around London. Much more in their shops than online

monkeysmama Sun 04-Jul-10 20:47:01

Thanks for all the replies. Am in London so will have a look at Swag. I totally forgot about the high price of gold blush. Maybe it'll be Accessorize (spg?) for me!

FGM Sun 04-Jul-10 21:07:15

Have you checked out the "Made" stuff at john lewis and jigsaw?

budget friendly, africa friendly and defo ticks this season's box for "statement"

I have the large brass hoop necklace on jigsaw site too. 'Tis great.

FGM Sun 04-Jul-10 21:08:45

Hmm link not working but I'm sure you can find it wink

eshermummy Sun 04-Jul-10 21:18:18

hi MM I have a very pretty gold plated necklace by Dior. I got it discounted at Bicester village so think it was about £120. The only one I can find to link to online is this one but mine is prettier - has a little star (with diamantes) and a little heart and one little dangling "D" charm.
Am sure Selfridges would have a good selection or the Dior boutique itself.

monkeysmama Mon 05-Jul-10 09:21:08

Thanks again. Really like some of the Dior stuff Esher and just ordered one of the Dinny Hall pairs of earrings FGM so cheers!

maximus786 Sun 14-Jun-15 10:06:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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