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shorts for under skirts

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CloudsAway Wed 30-Jun-10 17:05:19

I'm looking for shorts to wear under skirts, because I've got fat legs that rub together in the heat and give me painful rashes otherwise.

Ordinary sports or fashion shorts are too thick, but everything I can find that is intended to be worn as underwear is made of really tight elastic or lycra - like cycling shorts, or all the 'shapewear' (thigh slimmers, etc). The idea and the look of the thigh-slimming shorts is fine, tight enough round the legs so that they don't ride up and cause even more chafing, but the elastication just makes them super hot and sweaty, and also if they're elasticated tightly at the waist (as even the biggest sizes seem to be), then it just creates up huge bulge over top, which is Not A Good Look.

Years ago I found some cotton shorts, that were meant to be like an underslip, for this very purpose. They were fitted like cycling shorts, stretchy/tight enough that they stayed in place on your thighs, but otherwise just made of ordinary knicker sort of fabric, with just ordinary elastic at the top, no tighter than normal knickers (especially if you go for a big size). But I've not seen them anywhere lately.

Anyone seen these anywhere? Preferably I'd like to be able to try them on rather than order them (I live in a city with plenty of shops, all the ordinary high street and department stores).

(I've tried the various gels, too, which help for very short amounts of time, but not enough to be out for a couple of hours wandering around, at least not on a hot day).

I hate that I seem to be the only one of my friends who has this - they have no idea what I'm talking about, even ones who are fatter than me. But I've always had it, even when I was a size 10 (briefly). Must be something about the way some people are shaped and/or walk, I guess. It makes me feel hideous.

dexter73 Wed 30-Jun-10 17:18:59

I googled anti chafe underwear and it came up with this contraption!!
I do have a really comfortable pair of long shorts that I wear when we go hiking that were from Uniqlo last year but they don't have any at the moment. It may be worth looking at hiking shops as they often do anti chafe underwear.

heymammy Wed 30-Jun-10 17:22:06

Are these any good? 2967030&node=43264030&mnSBrand=core&ref=sr_1_32&qid=1277914859&sr=1-32&rh=n%3A43264030&page=

trumpton Wed 30-Jun-10 17:23:52

Would cotton leggings work ?if you shortened them perhaps.

sooz28 Wed 30-Jun-10 17:27:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrimroseCrabapple Wed 30-Jun-10 17:32:15

they are hilarious dexter.

JackieNo Wed 30-Jun-10 17:37:11

Comfort shorts. Also come in white or black.

nattnoobies Wed 30-Jun-10 17:49:04

i wear short tights, they come just above my knee and are fab i got them online from

JackieNo Wed 30-Jun-10 17:51:24

nattnoobies - that's basically what the comfort shorts in my link are - short tights.

nattnoobies Wed 30-Jun-10 17:52:40

and they are only £1.99 a pair grin

fluffles Wed 30-Jun-10 17:54:31

i've got one pair of 'wicking' running shorts in cycle short style which are fine if worn without underwear.

one pair of m&s own shape wear, it's cotton with lycra and crucially they are a size bigger than my dress size so more comfy

and i have a whole load of pairs of knee length 'leggings' the really thin kind like 40denier tights from H&M.. these come just over my knee so can't be seen with skirts longer than that and i don't mind them being seen with shorter skirts and they are silky smooth and leave my calves bear.. this is my favourite solution.

oh, and btw. i am a bit fat right now but my legs still rubbed when i was a size 8, it's just the way i'm built.

jabberwocky Wed 30-Jun-10 17:57:12

I just clicked on legwear international. I love it!

colditz Wed 30-Jun-10 17:58:09

I buy cheap beige tights and chop the legs off. Works fine.

CloudsAway Wed 30-Jun-10 18:31:57

thanks for the links! I'll definitely check those out.

I've tried cutting off the legs of tights, but they don't seem to stay in place that well (kind of ride up), plus tights in general are so tight at the waist!

But comfort shorts sound really good, as do the short johns and the M&S ones - they had nothing like that in the shop today, even when I asked about it. I might try ordering online, though i think I'll check out Evans first (not a shop I've been in before, but I'm sure we have one - I'm guessing that the high street shops have an underwear section, not just online?)

That contraption from amazon in hilarious! It's exactly what I need, though, just maybe not for the price, or the effort of getting into it. But a lot cooler than some of these seriously elasticated shapewear solutions, that's for sure.

Thanks all. Also nice to know I'm not alone.

Maybee Wed 30-Jun-10 22:34:21

I got a wee short pair of leggings today at Asda for £4,99. They are not cotton so will see how comfy they are!

Corenza Mon 09-Aug-10 02:09:00

Try Sloggi long leg knickers.

Grockle Mon 09-Aug-10 02:47:26

I wear cropped leggings and fold them up a bit if they are too long.

I have been looking for some short ones but can;t find them anywhere.

JustMe007 Wed 19-Jun-13 10:45:06

Hi, not sure if you ever got your question answered, but I have the same issue so I rarely wear skirts, however when I do I have a simple solution. I use 40 denier white tights, just cut the feet only off, then when you wear them they cover just your thigh area. smile

In saying that I've just seen, online, something called comfort shorts, which seem to be a 'tidier' version of my home made ones.

Sudocreme is great for chaffing if you're currently suffering.

Startail Wed 19-Jun-13 11:01:50

sloggi do beautiful long cotton short long johns, but they are hard to get.

<snarls at local shop who have deposit, but no pants>

these, they really are as good as the reviews, the only thing I've found cool enough for a Spanish evening.

Startail Wed 19-Jun-13 11:03:22

sorry missed post above already suggeting these

Hasitfallendownagain Wed 19-Jun-13 11:03:57

I wear (men's) cotton jersey boxer shorts under short skirts sometimes. I find them really comfortable. It is getting trickier to find them with buttons up the front rather than a y front style opening, but they are really comfortable. I wear them mainly to avoid flashing anyone inadvertently <paranoid> but they might also help with thighs rubbing.

Startail Wed 19-Jun-13 11:05:35

The M&S ones are too short, too granny and too hot, I bought some to try.

killedanotherthread Wed 19-Jun-13 12:58:22

Another source for the sloggi:

cupcakes88 Sun 04-Aug-13 14:09:55

they also sell comfort shorts in Evans, ive got 2 pairs there very good,

Ladybloves Sun 29-May-16 12:18:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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