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please cheet me up - water stain on satin dress

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Pineneedles Sat 26-Jun-10 09:04:55

Has anyone ever had a water stain successfully removed from a satin dress at the dry cleaners? I'm so fed up, I need some hope please!

Pineneedles Sat 26-Jun-10 09:06:09

hopefully someone could even cheer me up!

Flighttattendant Sat 26-Jun-10 14:17:56

No no don't dry clean it, that will possibly do more harm than good.

You need to wash it, cold, with water.

Someone on here was going to take a frock back that had a water stain and she washed it despite instructions on label, and it came up really fine.

Flighttattendant Sat 26-Jun-10 14:18:59

That was silk btw but I imagine satin pretty similar.

In fact many clothes that say dry clean are perfectly washable in cool water. It's just a silly back-covering exercise by the shops I think, as hot water might ruin them.

Pineneedles Sun 27-Jun-10 01:25:15

Thanks. The label even says words to the effect of "this fabric stains really really easily so don't even think about bringing it back". Shame I didn't read if first, really. sad

Flighttattendant Sun 27-Jun-10 07:36:05

No don't worry, that's why the fuss with the silk one - there was no warning on the label.

Anyway - she actually did it in the machine, on a cold wash I think, and it came out perfect.

Do not fret smile

traceybath Sun 27-Jun-10 08:08:07

Yeap - agree with flight. I'd use woolite and a handwash cycle in the machine.

bishboschone Sun 27-Jun-10 10:54:18

I am in the know, can you link me the dress and I'll give you advice. We wash lots of silk , satin dresses but there is a knack.

lovedresses Thu 03-Mar-16 09:03:59


I've got a water stain on this dress:

How do I remove it?

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